Twitter is a communication service that enables you to quickly send out short messages about what you are doing to a network of people

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If you tag someone on Twitter can they see what you wrote?

Nobody else will see it in their stream (although it will show up on your profile page and in Twitter search). If you tag a username anywhere but at the start of the tweet, everybody following you will see that message.

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What does 'opf' mean in Twitter context?

This isn't a specific Twitter abbreviation. It's likely that it stands for various organizations or they screwed up on say of and accidentally put in an p.

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Is Mckinsey and company using twitter or facebook for their business?

Yes, Now a days using social media sites as a business tool has been practiced by every business holder. The Search Engines now also lay emphasis on how much your business page is being updated and getting likes and comments or being discussed by the business owners. The Crawlers use to crawl the pages which are dynamic and provide an updated rich content. The recent Facebook Graph Search is also destined at extracting a perfect marketing profile from the users account and making it as provision for the advertisers as suitable database for targeting. The creation of business page is one such initiative by McKinsey and many in this sector.


How do you change your twitter name on iPhone?

You have to do it on the web version of Twitter.

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How do you direct message a picture on twitter?

If you use Twitpic then your picture will be posted on your timeline and be available to all of your followers (and, if your profile isn't protected, anyone else who visits your profile). If you want to keep a picture private then you should consider sending it to someone a different way. Alternatively, upload it to another picture hosting website and then direct message the link to the person.


How do you mention people on Twitter?

When you mention someone on Twitter, you either click 'reply' on one of their tweets or you open their profile and write your tweet in the box provided. You can also simply mention in your tweet with "@username". Take care there's no space between their username and the @ sign though.

Chicken Meat

Why are people freaking out over the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

Popeyes released their new chicken sandwich on August 12, 2019, and so many people bought it that the company actually sold out in two weeks. After a two-month hiatus, the sandwich returned to the menu on November 3, and customers are already reporting absurdly long drive-thru lines.

The initial launch of the sandwich began what was dubbed online as “The Chicken Sandwich Wars,” with Popeyes main competitor being Chick-fil-A. Customers took to social media to cast their vote on the superior chicken sandwich, and the chains themselves exchanged some light-hearted banter via Twitter.

The Popeyes sandwich sells for $3.99 and is made with fried chicken breast, two pickles, and a dollop of mayo on a brioche bun.


Is Chris Massoglia on Twitter?



Who has the maximum amount of followers on Twitter?

There are no limits on how many followers someone can have.

By the way, lady Gaga (@ladygaga) has the most followers on twitter- almost 19 million followers.

There are no limits of followers a certain user can have. Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are taking the lead currently. (worldwide)


How do you put a love heart in a tweet?

♥ - copy and paste this.

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What does get texts mean on Twitter?

It means you will receive texts (to your mobile phone) with updates.

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How do you delete twitter profile via mobile?

Settings, Deactivate my account. You can't do this on the app, but if you open up on your mobile browser, you can do it.

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What does bio mean on social networking sites?

This stands for 'biography' where you give some information about yourself so that others can see if they have anything in common with you.You can tell about your hobbies,your favourite sports,what type of person you are and many other things.

It is the section online that tells something about you. Most common things that are found in Biography are Names, hobbies, Achievements, Employment history. You may also include other things that which you think best describe yourself.

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Justin Bieber

What is Justin Bieber's official Twitter?

Justin Bieber's official fan Twitter page can be accessed by clicking on the related link below.

His verified account name is @justinbieber; you know it's a real account because it has the blue "verified" checkmark next to the name.

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Who is looking at your twitter accounts?

Anyone can see your twitter account so this even include employers and colleagues.However, if you want only your "followers" to see you account then you can make your tweets private.


What 'mcb' mean on Twitter?

Middle Cubicle Bandit (according to urban dictionary)


Whether kajal agarwal is there in twitter?

yes she is on twitter...kajal_actor....check it out and follow...


How do you reset your tweets on Twitter?

i don't think you can reset your tweets on twitter.


How do you make a sad face on Twitter?

do this: :(

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How old do you have to be to get a Twitter account?

Twitter's privacy policy states that you should be 13 years old to have an account.


How do you leave comments on Twitter?

If you are on the Home page, click the tweet, and you can see a "Reply to" bar. Both on Desktop or Smartphone


What does the blue checkmark mean by your name on twitter?

It is typically found next to celebrities names. It means their account is verified. Since anyone can create a Twitter account with any username, some people try to immitate celebrities. So, if you find Taylor Swift or the Jonas Brothers on Twitter and they have a blue check mark next to them, then it is really their Twitter. If you see a Twitter that says they are them, but there's no checkmark, then it's just someone trying to immitate them.


Does pending on twitter mean request refused?

No it means your request has been sent and the person will have a notification of your friend request.

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Property Law

How much do licensed conveyancers earn?

Salaries for trainees start at around £15,000. After qualification and three years' experience, the salary range for is around £25,000 - £40,000 and salaries for senior management posts are £35,000 - £55,000. Partners or owners of conveyancing firms may earn £60,000 or more


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