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Includes questions related to the humorous misrepresentation of an author or an author's work; witty words and terms used in an insulting fashion.

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Who said Look it's an all volunteer force?

Humorist John Semmens used this in a satire he wrote, it was not intended as other than comedy. It has been incorrectly stated that President Obama said it and other parts of the satire by Mr. Semmens. The President did not say this. It is fictional dialogue excerpted from the satirical piece that was published March 21, 2009 on Semmens' website. See the article about this urban legend at the Snopes page linked in the related links section below. ...
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Is 'oh flitter' Southern slang?

Oh, yes. They have a lot of euphesims for socially unacceptable words.
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What is the full form hotel and bar?

H: hospitality O: organisation T: truthfulness E: eagar to serve L: loyalty HOUSE OF TABLE EATING AND LIVING ...
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Did President Obama say 'Nobody made these guys go to war'?

No. It is a political satire of an unpopular proposal made by the Obama Administration to have veterans' private health insurance companies pay for treatment of their service-related injuries. See the link to Snopes for an article on this below. ...
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What is Horace satire?

A Horatian satire (the term comes from Horace, a Greek writer) is a light-hearted, not so serious satire that pokes fun at many things. An example would be Candide by Voltaire. On the other hand, a Juvenalian satire (the term comes from Juvenal, a Roman writer), is a very serious, dark, angry satire. An example would be the Inferno by Dante. ...
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What are examples of hypocrisy in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

When the Widow Douglas tells Huck that he can't chew tobacco, when she does snuff. When Tom thinks about telling people that he knows where Jim is hiding, after he told Jim that he would never tell. When the Duke and King put up signs looking for Jim when they promised to not tell. And when Tom tells Huck to "Do it from the book" and then doesn't. ...
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How do you start writing a satire?

If you've had an interesting life you could start here If you've had an interesting life you could start here Wat? ...
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What is an example of satire in Huckleberry Finn?

Huckleberry Finn satirized much of the commonplace society mores of the pre-war South. For example, the Widow Douglas wouldn't let Huck smoke, but "she took snuff, too." He also satirized the racial bigotry commonplace at the time, and relations between rich people and poor people. Huck Finn also criticizes the institution of formal religion (i.e. going to church). Guns are seen being brought to church during the feuding portion of the novel. Also, at the beginning of the novel, Huck questions praying, wondering...
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What are different types of figurative language?

simile metaphor personification hyperbole Idiom onomatopoeia oxymoron alliteration point of view irony symbolism language ...
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Can you give an example of pleonasm?

A pleonasm is an unnecessary word or words in a sentence, like the unnecessary "of" in the sentence "He is not that good of a teacher." ...
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What are the satire in gulliver's travel to Laputa?

Swift mocks the so-called scientists of the day and their pointless experiments. ...
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Can you give me 5 examples of reptiles?

snakes lizards aligators frog and turtles
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How do you use satire in a sentence?

Satire is used as sarcasm, sometimes crude and often mistaken as constructive criticism. Satire is also a sort of irony and misleading. A book on this subject is 'Introduction to Satire' by Leonard Feinberg. Example Sentences: Jon Stewart is a master of political satire. My satire was wasted on the instructor. Is that parody a satire on current events? Television's M*A*S*H* was a Vietnam war era satire set in Korea two decades earlier. Answer: Television's M*A*S*H* was a Vietnam war era satire set in Korea two decades...
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Pudd'nhead Wilson is a satire on slavery?

Yes it is because he shows that the people at the time only looked at people to see if they were either white or black. They judged very much on the appearance and race. ...:)richaarox ...
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Give an example of a definitive host?

definitive host - a host in which a parasite reaches sexual maturity. malaria is a good example. the malaria parasite mates and reproduces in the mosquito. However, it's gametocytes are formed in humans, making humans the definitive host (not mosquitoes). ...
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What are some examples of sadistic humor or actions of someone you should avoid?

You correctly observe that brutal humor is abusive. You avoid it as you avoid any form of abuse. ...
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Give example for multimedia OS?

oses like xp,98,vista,linux,etc
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Which songs did Allan Sherman parody?

Sherman's parody lyrics were written in collaboration with Lou Busch. A few of the Sherman/Busch songs are completely original creations, featuring original music as well as lyrics, rather than new lyrics applied to an existing melody. The Sherman/Busch originals-notably "Go to Sleep, Paul Revere," and "Peyton Place"-are delightful novelty songs, showing genuine melodic originality as well as deft lyrics. In My Son, The Nut, his pointed parodies of classical and popular tunes savaged summer camp ("Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" to the tune of...