How many active users does MySpace still have?

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In MySpace
Myspace has about 25 million active users. This number may not be An accurate number, since there are certain Myspace account holder who have multiple accounts.
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How many members does MySpace have?

myspace has over 200 million members EDIT: This answer is extremely outdated, it is closer to 30 million members as of June, 2011

How many parents approve of MySpace?

out of 10 kids about 4 parents approve. 1 doesnt care, and 5 disagree.. Another answer . Or more likely, out of 10 parents, 3 of them don't know what it is, and 7 of them don't know that their kid is on it.. I am a parent and I approve. The thing that no one is saying is part of parenting someo ( Full Answer )

Can an authorized user activate a credit card?

Yes, usually, but not always. It depends on the credit card, andwhether you have the information required. Sometimes the primaryuser has to activate them, but then the other authorized users canuse them. For instance, this is the message on a popular credit card site: "If you are an Authorized User ( Full Answer )

How do you hide your MySpace account from other users?

if you want to make your profile private, log in, in the home page, click on "my account". then click on "privacy" and select "friends only" and save. and i'd go back to your "contact info" and change your name so people can't look you up by your name and see your page. if you want to ( Full Answer )

Where is your user id for MySpace?

in the search bar.. go to yours or someone elses myspace. someone elses to get theirs. yours to get your id. go to the space bar and it should say. friend id=********&. the numbers is your friend id.

How do you hide myspace comments and activate your made comment box.?

Usually you can just go to google and type in 'hsde commentd but keep comment button' or somthing along those lines. But if you cant and you keep getting the same thing that hides the coments and the comment button do this:. YOUR TEXT HERE. Where it says URL HERE go to the page that you would like ( Full Answer )

Why is popocatepetl still active?

well if you think about it, it just erupted at December 28th 2008 that wasnt so long ago, not even a year or half a year.

How do you get a user unblocked on MySpace?

Remove From Block List . You can remove individuals from your block list. . Click "My Account" (right side of blue navigation menu) . Click "Privacy" . Click "View List" under Block Users . Click "Unblock User" next to the person you wish to unblock.

What tribes are still active?

The tribes that are still active are the Sioux Tribe. The other tribes are not that active. But the Sioux tribe is the most active tribe out of all of them.

Is Krakatoa still active?

Yes, Krakatoa ( or Krakatau, as it is said in Indonesian, which is where it is located,) is still highly active. It's most recent eruption was in November of the year 2010

How do you block MySpace users?

go to the person's profile that you want to block and look in the contact box, there'll be a option to block them. just click that and follow the directions :o)

What is chris browns MySpace password and user?

if you get into their myspcace.. i hope you know that is called hacking and you can go to jail, and nobody will know but him or else people who he would change it if people hacked it.

How do you get many contacts on MySpace?

do friend requests to alot of people that you might be interested in.Just don't tell your personal information unless you want to get killed,kidnapped,murdered,get in big trouble.

If you delete a friend on MySpace are they still in your mob?

Yes if you delete a friend from your myspace page they are still in your mob. I just finished doing that on my page. I don't like having all these people on my page that I don't really know. So I am so happy I can grow my mob but still keep my page somewhat private.

How many ways can you edit your MySpace?

There is a million! If you want to edit your myspace photos you should consider Screen Dash. It gives you the myspace code after you add text, drawings, photo edits etc. to your photo.

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 ( Full Answer )

About how many MySpace are there?

The creator of myspace's name is tom and he has everyone on his profile and it says that he has 261292509 friends... plus more signing up as we speak...

How do you view blocked users on MySpace?

Try logging out of myspace, then do a search for the person. You cant block someone, then go looking for them. It was designed to be that way.

Should users under 18 use MySpace?

Yes, the age limit is 13. If they just want it for their friends that they know in real life or something you can set it to private so that no one can add them unless they are the ones that send the request.

Can you retrieve user passwords from active directory?

It is not possible to see or obtain the password for an Active Directory user. That would breach the security measures that Windows attempts to put in place. The only thing you can do as an administrator is reset the password. But you can never identify the current password unless the user tells ( Full Answer )

How many active users are there on Twitter?

It's quite difficult to work out how many there are worldwide, especially since so many people are joining every day. There are, however, approximately 18 million users in the USA alone.

What cause the decline in MySpace users?

I believe it is mainly for three reasons first is that theres is to much spam on myspace, second there is to many ads on myspace, and third Myspace became very immature compared to its rival Facebook, this is because Facebook actually uses peoples actually names and ages unlike where on myspace popl ( Full Answer )

Are the Siberian traps still active?

No. They used to be some of the most active geologic areas. To give an example, that region erupted for 1 million years at full force. If they were to become active, it would be the end of the world as we know it.

What do you mean by active directory user?

Active directory users are nothing but the ones those are authenticated or able to access the directory with all the benefits of directory

Is the KKK still active in Utah?

As a lifelong citizen of Utah, I swear that I have never heard about any dealings of the KKK in Utah.

How many people still use MySpace?

Myspace User-Revenue rates have Lowered by 90% since January of2011. There was an estimated amount of 90,000 Users on Myspace everysecond of the day when it was online, in a date range from:2008-2011 (august) The rates then lowered to 25,000 Users online every second of theday when the site was onl ( Full Answer )

Is sinn fein still active?

yes - Sinn Féin is still an active political party in both parts of Ireland. In Northern Ireland it is the second biggest party and is part of the power sharing Government. In the Republic it is the 4th biggest party in Parliament.

Does myspace still work?

Yes, but if you dont use it within 6 months then you lose your account.

Are users part of the active directory?

yes users are the important part of active directory as the users are assigned the permission to use the resources, groups, printers .We can assign users to a group and apply permission on them we can put them in OU and apply restriction /permission etc.Without users there is no meaning of resources ( Full Answer )

Why error is displayed while creating new users in active directory users and computers?

The error could be due to folwloing The network is down. The domain controller is not reachable(PDC is not available need to check, RID stack is not full and RID master is not down) The account used does not have permission to add user/computer etc Check the event log to find the event id ( Full Answer )

Is still an active site?

"If you use the above listed link, you will be redirected to Chase's National page, as JP Morgan Chase bought out Washington Mutual. So it is still acive, but is no longer the same site."

How can MySpace users create and customize their own MySpace layouts?

Myspace has it's own inbuilt software, called "Myspace editor" which allows users to create and personalise their own myspace layouts, without leaving the comfort of the home website. Other options are to use external software available, either online or as a downloadable function, to edit photograp ( Full Answer )