How many air-conditioning units are needed per square meter?

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In my new city apartment, which is very small - 2 bedroom property, i have two inner units attached to one big outer unit. That makes 2 inner units for 65sqm. For anything bigger than that i would get one outer unit for every 40sqm additional.
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How many tons per square cubic meter?

Answer . you multiple the cubic tonnes wuth the specific gravity.. for example the specific gravity of copper ore is 3 therefore one cubic meter of the ore weighs 3 tonnes per cubic meter. Answer . you multiple the cubic tonnes wuth the specific gravity.. for example the specific gravity ( Full Answer )

How many meters are in a square meter?

A meter is a length, a square meter is an area. One is not equivalent to the other. The question, as stated, cannot be answered sensibly. A square metre is a measure of area, with dimensions [L 2 ]. A metre is a measure of distance, with dimensions [L]. The two measure different things and elemen ( Full Answer )

How many square meters are in a meter?

Well, .25 meters basically. A square meter can't go into a meter. Unless, I'm just dumb and misread the question. Do you mean How many meters are in a square meter? In that case, it's 4.

How many footcandle is 1 candela per meter square?

Foot Candela is the measuring unit for illuminance while candela/meter squared is a measuring unit for luminance,which makes conversion not possible. conversion can be done for units of the same quantity, for example, illuminance units : ft candela = 10.764 lux.. To know the difference between lumi ( Full Answer )

What is a newton per square meter?

One Newton (N) per square meter (m 2 ) is one Pascal (Pa) and is a unit of pressure, just like pounds per square inch (psi). 1 N/m 2 = 1 Pa

How many Btu per square foot for air conditioning?

600 spf A good general rule of thumb is 20 BTU per square foot. So, a 200 sf room would require a 4000 BTU ac unit. If you use 20btu per square foot to determine the required tonnage, you will be under sizing your system. For example 20btux1500sf=30000btu. There are 12000 btu per ton so you ( Full Answer )

Convert grams per square meter to square meters?

I think you left something out of your question. I can convert grams per square meter to some other weight unit per square meter.. Conversion factors can be found on many websites, one link is shown below:.

If you square the newton expressed in kilogram-meters per second per second in what units will the answer be expressed?

The square of 1 newton is 1 square newton, equal to 1 (square kilogram) (square meter) per (second to the fourth power). It has absolutely no physical significance whatsoever. If you ever work a physics problem and the answer has the dimensions of square newtons, you have blundered badly, a ( Full Answer )

How many metric ton of asphalt in a square meter per centimeter?

depends on the density. Asphalt density is typically between 2000 to 2400 kg/m³ 1 tonne = 1000kg per cm of thickness and 1m² of area: Tonnes=2200*1*.01/1000 Tonnes=0.022 Therefore if you had a tonne of asphalt of density 2200kg/m³ and spread it to a thickness of 1cm, you would c ( Full Answer )

What has the units meters per second?

Speed is a quantity that is measured in meters per second. The previous answer, velocity, is technically incorrect. Velocity is a vector , which consists of a magnitude and a direction . Example: 10 meters per second northwest. Speed , however, is a scalar , and consists solely of ( Full Answer )

What are The units of meters per second squared?

"meters per second squared" is a unit of acceleration . refers to uniform acceleration, written (m/s)/s , velocity increase in meters per second during each second of acceleration

How many meters of wood would you need to cover 20 square meters?

This question cannot be answered as it stands. Meters and square meters are different in that one is length and the other area. To answer this, you would need to specify the dimensions of the wood that you are using to cover the floor. If you are using 5cm wide strips of wood, then you would need ( Full Answer )

How many Btu per square meter for air conditioning?

The amount of BTU's per square foot varies. The BTU's per ft2 inmy area is 30-35. In your area there might be more or less. For reference sake... Btu's are not used in Metric settings, Joulesare used. 1 btu = 11356 joule Contact a HVAC tech in your area. They can tell you the recommendedBTU or JO ( Full Answer )

How many bags of cement per square meter of plaster?

Mix A. Exterior/ Exposed to dampness. Area of plaster per bag mix. All Purpose Cement . Plaster thickness. Area of wall (m2). Bags per (m2). 1. 10 mm. 12. 0.083333333. 15 mm. 8. 0.125. 20 mm. 6. 0.166666667. Mix B. Interior/ Dry.. Area of plaster per bag mix. All Purpose Cement . ( Full Answer )

How many bricks are needed per square foot?

9" thick wall needs 12 bricks per square foor 13.5" thick wall needs 18 bricks per square foot. 18" thick wall needs 24 bricks per square foot Sender: Mr. Khayal Ahmed Memon Sub Engineer in USAID N.G.O

How many meter in square meter?

a square meter equals 1m x 1m. None. "meters" and "square meters" are measuring different things. (one is length , one is area) So you're asking how many apples make an orange..the question itself is in error.

What would be the length of an airport runway needed for an airplane that needs 30 meters per second to take off and will accellerate at 1.8 meters per second squared.?

Gaah! The doofus who posed this question to you is not a pilot. He has confused ground speed with air speed . A plane can achieve sufficient air speed to take off in 0 distance. Consider that you could be taking off into a 70 mph wind (usually not advisable--but possible) with this plane that n ( Full Answer )

How many bricks do you need for 1375 square meters?

Hi, 1375 meters is equates to 4511 feet. measure your brick. If its 12 inches = 1 ft, then you'll need 4511 bricks. Doing some research on conversions, looking online or picking up a calculator (that does conversions) will come in handy in all aspect of your life; including measuring out projects ( Full Answer )

Is the unit of force are newton per meter square and dyne?

One measurement of force is in Newtons. The unit of a Newton comes from the SI units where; F=ma=m dv/dt Where mass is in kg, v is in m s^-1 and time is in s. And dv/dt is the change in velocity per change in time. N=kg m s^-2 Your question makes little sense and I have no idea what a d ( Full Answer )

How do you figure out how many yards you will need per square feet?

Suppose you have 27 square feet -that's equal to 3 square yards... Just picture in your mind that 3 square feet wide, by 3 squares feet long, to envision that 9 square feet are equal to one square yard. But please specify 'yards of what' in the future...

Need formula to convert grams square per meter into kilogram?

It cannot be done. Grams per squaremetre is a measure of mass per area (planar density) while kilogram is a measure of mass. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid. However, if you have the area of ( Full Answer )

How many millimeters are there in 300 gram per square meter?

None. Grams per square metre is a measure of planar density while a millimetre is a measure of distance (or length). The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

How many 30cmx40cm pots per square meter?

1 sq metre = 100cm*100cm = 10000 cm 2 Each pot = 30cm*40cm = 1200 cm 2 So, number of pots = 10000/1200 = 8.33... per square metre. However, if you are working on a closed space of 1 square metre, you will get only 6 pots and a lot of wasted space. As the space gets larger, the number of pots will ( Full Answer )

How many sheep per square meter?

Just one sheep is going to have to live on more land than onesquare meter. They need at least 3 square meters for their eatingpurposes.

How many 16x16 square inch tiles are need for 39 square meter?

16" x 16" = 0.165 sq metres, approx. So number of tiles required = roundup(39/0.165) = 236.13 = 237. That is the mathematical answer. In real life it will depend on the shape of the area (a circular shape will require a lot more tiles to be cut), what proportion of offcuts can be used, your skills ( Full Answer )

How many tons do you need for 18 square meter?

None. A square metre is a measure of area in 2-dimensional space while a ton is a measure of mass. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, any attempt at conversion from one to the other is fundamentally flawed.