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How many albums did Miley Cyrus put out?


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Counting Hannah Montana ones: 7 (in this order

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana 2

Meet Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana: The Movie

Hannah Montana 3

The Time Of Our Lives (releases August 31, 2009)

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I'm pretty sure only 3. "Best of Both Worlds: Meet miley Cyrus" "Breakout" and "Hannah Montana soundtrack"

your question is not complete. Who is miley. Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus just put out her new book Miley Cyrus miles to go i guess that's an accomplishment.

Miley Cyrus only wears sun glasses. When she was 6 she put on her aunts glasses all the time. LOL so the answer to that is: No miley Cyrus does not wear glasses.

Miley Cyrus did put some nasty pics on the web but some things are photoshopped by some nastier people.but Miley Cyrus just needs a reality check.but she is not that nasty.

Miley Cyrus changed her name from destiny hope Cyrus (birth name) to miley rae Cyrus (what they call her). She changed her name because because no one ever called her by her real name and she was getting her license and wasnt sure what name to put on it. She went to court and now her officail name is Miley Rae Cyrus.

Miley has written many songs. On her first solo ablum Meet Miley Cyrus she wrote 8. On her second solo ablum Breakout she also wrote 8. For the ablum she wrote a song for Hannah Montana to sing and that was it.

yes go to youtube and put Miley Cyrus boyfriend and you will find him i don't know his name but i know she once dated Nick Jonas

Yes, Miley Cyrus was sewed. If you what to know why it is because she took a picture and she put her fingers to look Asian. Someone found this as "making fun of " and sewed her! If you thing that was dome, write that on the bottom of this answer......THANK YOU AND GOODBYE!!!!!!!!MILEY CYRUS WAS SEWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i guess she does because she is the one that choose to put it on her.

first she is a total copycat of miley second she is the same as her which is inapropriet and we all hate miley cyrus. Not everyone hates miley cyrus, people might think she's inapropriet and others not and she is not a copycat of miley.... These aren't FUN FACTS about NOAH CYRUS these r things that people think are TRUE but some are some aren't... don't put BAD STUFF about celebritys put NICE stuff about celebritys.

You have absolutely no right to put this under/ consider this a music question.

I think you can't find Miley Cyrus naked anymore because I think she saw the pics of her and reported not to put any of her naked pics again......... except the pics she put by herself!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Montana? As in Miley Cyrus? Because Miley Cyrus did date Nick Jonas, but then they broke up after 2 years of "incessant love" as Miley put it. Nick Jonas is currently dating Selena Gomez, BTW.

Miley Cyrus is the daghtor of billy ray Cyrus so take that the person who put the fanswer hahahahahah

Miley Cyrus has: 3 Brothers: Trace Cyrus, Brasion Cyrus and 1 I dunno His name 2 Sister: Brandi Cyrus and Noah Cyrus Miley Cyrus: is currently 17 (this year 2010 she will be 18) born November 23, 1992. Noah Cyrus: is 10 years old ( in 2011 she will be 11) born January 8, 2000 Brandi Cyrus: is 21 years old Hope this helps guys... and dunno what her brothers date of birth r so i never put it up....

she used to have brown eyes but she put contacts in to make them blue xoxoxo :]

prob kuz there jealous of her that's wat i think...

she doesn't they were leaked onto the Internet with out her permission

On her bio, Wikipedia put that Selly said she was not in a fight with miley and she was a great actor. So, not anymore since Miley isn't dating Nick Jonas.

,No they are not!! Miley acidntally put the ring on her left ring finger, even though liam gave her the ring, they are NOT engaged!!

put lots of posters of hers on the cupboards and get clothes that has her autograph on it. there are lots of news papers that talk bout miley so take cut outs and put them on you soft board and heres a very special tip " MILEY CYRUS CHANGES HER WARDROBE EVERY SEASON. TO GET HER KIND OF SEASON CLOTHES AND ACCESORIES GO TO MILEY WORLD.COM."

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