How many albums has Eric clapton sold in his career?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many albums has Eric clapton sold in his career?
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How many songs or albums does Eric Clapton have?

he has 45 albums

How many records has Eric Clapton sold?

8 no 1 singles in USA. Countless others across the world. At least 6 no 1 albums,probably more.

Eric Clapton shared a women with his superb guitarist?

Eric Clapton is the superb guitarist. He shared many women.

How many albums does Eric Hutchinson have?

Eric Hutchinson has 15 albums

How many songs of Bob Marley did Eric Clapton cover?

I think the only song Eric Clapton did of Bob Marley's was I Shot The Sheriff.

Where can an old Eric Clapton video be watched?

Old Eric Clapton videos can be found in a number of different locations online. The best and most reliable place is the website Youtube which offers many different Eric Clapton videos and clips.

How many Rolex watches does Eric Clapton own?


How many times has Eric Clapton been inducted?


Who sings the song Promises with Eric Clapton?

"PROMISES (Richard Feldman/Roger Linn) - A 'mainstream' pop song featuring Eric Clapton [sic] duetting with Marcy Levy. Instrumentally unexceptional. Pleasant and will appeal to many."

How many albums did Modest Mouse put out in their career?

Modest Mouse have released many albums in the duration of their career. They have released five studio albums, two cassette albums, six ep's, two compilation albums, and two live albums.

How many songs does Eric Clapton have?

Too many to mention. One of the world's biggest back catalogues.

How many awards did Eric Clapton win?

Lost count but notably at least 19 Grammies.