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Dude Ranch - a little over 1 million

Enema of the State - Over 15 Million

Take off Your Pants and Jacket - Over 14 Million

Blink-182 - Over 7 Million

They also have Cheshire Cat first stuido album from 1994 that has sold less than 1 million but still is awesome!

And there Greatest Hits Album and Live Album but those don't really count

In total its about 40 million by now I don't know why Wiki says they've sold 25 million that information is years old.

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Q: How many albums has blink 182 sold?
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Approximately, 25 million.

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They have 7 albums: Dude Ranch, Buhda, Cheshire Cat, Take off Your Pants and Jacket, Enema of the State, Blink-182, and Greatest Hits.

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im almost positive its metallica but according to the media kids are wasting more money on gay music such as blink 182 and tokio hotel

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It seems on all of their albums they use: blink-182Here is proof in google images: hotfoot982 illegallyinfected.comwhats the difference?it's exactly the same either way.

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blink-182 have released 5 studio albums ,with a 6th coming in 2011, 1 EP, 1 live album, 3 demos, and 1 compilation album. A grand total of 11 albums, and will become 12 in 2011.

How many albums do blink 182 have?

They Have So Far 6 Starting From Cheshire Cat Released 1994 To Their Self Titled Album Blink 182 Released 2003 They Are Planning To Release A New Album Sometime Around 2010

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