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Around about 72 million animals are killed each day, its hard to belive. In 2005, 20 million animals were slaughtered every day in the US. 10 of them are fuced in the aswhole

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How many animals are killed each hour?

In the US alone, 500,000 animals are killed for meat every hour

How many animals are killed in UK for meat?

1000 animals

How many animals get killed a month for meat?

A Dinnae Ken!

What do you call a place where animals are killed for their meat?

A slaughter house is where animals are brought to be killed.

What are animals killed for?

Animals are killed for their meat and pelts. The meat is used for food. The pelts are used mainly for clothes. They are also killed to protect domestic live stock or crops.

What did Tudor butchers do?

They killed animals for meat, and prepared the meat for sale, and sold it.

This meat eater often gets meat from animals that have died by accident or illness or were killed by other animals?


What is a place call where animals are killed for their meat?

The slaughterhouse.

What did the colonial butchers do?

killed animals and sold the meat

What is the place called where animals are killed for their meat?

The butcher

What animals are killed for their meat?

Many animals are slaughtered for meat, some of the most popular are cattle (beef) pigs (pork) lambs (lamb) chicken, turkey, and lots of species of fish.

How many animals are killed every year because humans use their meat for food?

Around 50 Billion animals are slaughtered every year for food. This does not includes the millions more slaughtered for fashion such as fur and leather.

What other animals are killed for their body parts?

Tigers, cows, pigs, sheep, foxes. A lot of animals are killed for their fur and/or meat ~ ~Sleenky

Is it cruelty to kill animals for meat?

Cruelty as it is generally seen is cause suffering unnecessarily to an animal. people like many other animals eat other animals and that is a simple fact of life. the treatment of the animal before being killed and the way in which it is killed can be either cruel or not cruel.

What did the Zuni Indians eat?

corn and usually meat from the animals they killed

What is the meaning of slaughtering of animals?

The meaning of slaughtering of animals is having them killed or killing them usually for meat or fur.

How did ranchers change the west?

They changed the west by raising cows, cattle, and many other animals then they killed them for people to have fresh meat.

How are elephants useful?

their useful by helping other animals. they help other animals by their droppings, their meat,when killed, and so on!

How does eating meat affect the environment?

Because when you eat meat you are eating an animal which has been killed, and animals help the enviroment.

How many cows are killed each year for footballs in the NFL?

None. Cow hides are obtained from meat processing plants and slaughterhouses. No cow is killed specifically to make footballs.

Why do people think that hunting animals is cruel?

Because people who eat meat tend to forget that the meat that they eat came from an animal who was killed. Hence they attack hunters for killing animals because they forget that an animal had to be killed for their steak. It is hypocrisy, really. Someone who believes that killing animals in general is cruel (whether for meat or other purposes) will inevitably think that hunting animals is cruel. If this is the case then this viewpoint is not hypocrisy.

What is the meaning of 'Bush meat trade'?

Bush meat is meat from animals like endangered monkeys.... chimpanzees for example which are being killed and eaten or sold as a delicacy. If the bush meat is traded it is the bush meat trade.

Does animal farming harm animals?

If the animals are farmed for meat, then obviously they must be killed to harvest the meat. Organic farming of dairy products such as eggs and milk does little harm to the animals. However battery farms can cause harm to animals through infection and stress.

How many animal species eat meat?

many animals eat meat including human beings

Is the meat of kangaroos halal?

No. Kangaroo meat is harvested from wild kangaroo populations, by licensed shooters. Kangaroos are not farmed. The animals are killed by the harvesters quickly and humanely.