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about 1,654,545,000,000 animals die a year from animal cruelty. about 26,120 animals suffer.

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Q: How many animals suffer from animal cruelty every year?
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How many animals die of animal cruelty every 10 seconds?


How many animals die every day from animal creulty?

Animal Abuse; 500 animals die every day and 300 000 animals die a year from animal abuse. It is so sad... STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

How many animals die from animal abuse every month?

In 2009, there were 4,110 animals that died from animal cruelty or neglect. That is over 342 each month and over 11 animals a day.

How often does animal cruelty happen?

It happens everyday. Every 10 seconds an animal is abused.

How many animals get put in animal shelters every year from animal cruelty?

I guess it is about 142Here is a different answer about animal shelters, over 300,000 animals get abused per year, so I'm guessing a little bit more than that. At lowest 1,000.

Why is everything to do with animals Always called animal abuse or animal cruelty?

Well it may be like that in America, but in New Zealand we treasure each and every animal and we love them completely so everyone who hurts animals............ YOUR A LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( GOD BLESS NEW ZEALAND!!!

How you can you solve animal cruelty?

If every person takes an oath to take care of animals. But there would always be one person who wouldn't. But you can reduce it by fundraising etc

Why is animal cruelty important?

Because animals are being hurt every day. Most animals can't defend them selves either so we have to for them. Bottom line: It's sick and wrong and it has to be stopped.

When does animal cruelty happen?

up my butt or in the party that happens in my pants every night

Is hunting deer animal cruelty?

yes!. it is every cruel to a deer :( and it should be stopped.

Which is correct every animals were scared or every animal was scared?

Every animal was scared

How serious is animal cruelty in America?

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. To me, every animal cruelty case is serious, so if you ask me, I would say it is very serious. There are many different kinds of animal cruelty, though. There are owners simply abusing their pets, and there is animal testing, and mass production farms, like KFC.

Is whaling a type of animal cruelty?

Whaling itself is not, but every method ever used is cruel.

What animals are eukaryotic?

every animal is eukaryoyic.There are no prokariyotic animals

What is done to animals that are tested on?

Animal testing hurts animals. In 2004 over 1 million animals were tested on. That's just with dogs, cats, primates, guinea pigs, and hamsters. That's not counting the millions of rats and mice they tested on. Law protects all lab animals from cruelty during testing. However, these controls have not stopped scientists from abusing animals though. When dogs or cats get tested on for diseases the scientists stick deep needles into there stomachs. They leave huge gashes on there bodies and leave them there to suffer. Every year millions of animals suffer and die from animal testing. In laboratories animals are deliberately poisoned, burned, physically injured, and inflicted with deadly diseases. Most animals die from these tests.

How many animals die of human cruelty every year in Australia?

At least 250,000 but probably millions.

Who is the American society who help prevent animal cruelty from stopping?

Every State in the United States has their own Animal Cruelty offices and places. That stop animal cruelty. But I have included a website that shows you the History of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Which was actually founded in 1866 that is a long time! Today they are based out of Washington, DC and are called: Humane Society of the United States. (HSUS) With 9 regional offices and 8 affiliates and one arm internationally. Here is the website where I got the information from:

Why is animal abuse wrong?

For one, many animals have emotions and feel pain. When you abuse them, they will suffer. Also, animal abuse more often or not culminates into human abuse. This has been seen in humans. Many serial killers frequently start with animals. Nearly, 300 animals get abused every single day. 200,000 animals die per month and one animal dies about every second from neglect and abuse, burns or poison. Every day 200 animals die.

What specific tasks do animal rights activists do?

Animal rights activists help put an end to cruelty and mistreatment that happens to animals every day. Some ways they do this are by: -Becoming members in animal protection organization websites -Signing animal-related petitions -Attending trials and hearings concerning animals -Participating in demonstrations and boycotts against businesses and individuals who abuse or support companies that abuse animals

Which animals have eukaryotic cells?

Every animal is eukaryotic.There are no prokaryotic animals

Are horses in England still mistreated today?

Unfortunately ill treatment of animals occurs in every country. England however, has a very low rate of animal cruelty cases compared to many countries.

What animals do not eat food?

Every animal needs food because every animal needs energy.

Do all animals are active?

No, not every animal is active.

What animals do the RSPCA save?

every animal they can save!

Why do animals have adaptation?

So every animal can have a home