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How many apples in a bushel?


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One bushel of apples weighs about 42 lbs.

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Varies depending on size, roughly 80 - 120 apples per bushel.

A bushel of apples is about 42 pounds.

One bushel of apples weighs about 42 lbs. One pound of apples generally consists of 4 small apples or 3 medium or 2 large apples.

Average is 126 apples. Depends on size.

About 20 bushels of apples (approximately 800lbs of apples.)

There are about 12-16 quarts in a bushel of apples, and 12-18 quarts of applesauce; depending on whether or not you add sugar.

Well, seeing as WikiAnswers states the following: "Jobs and Education question: How many peck in a bushel? Four pecks in a bushel, and two gallons in a peck, so eight gallons in a bushel". Then the answer would be: a peck of peaches is smaller than a bushel of apples.

Actually, a bushel of apples weigh's in at about 42 lbs. This is depending on the apple variety, i.e. smaller apples will weigh more per bushel volume and some apples are actually more dense, etc. but 42 lbs per bushel is about average. Take Care! -M Do you want to know how much it costs?  Do you want to know how much it weighs?  Do you wish to know about how many apples a bushel contains?  Please be more specific in phrasing your question.

Collective nouns for apples are a bushel of apples, a pie-full of apples.

The bushel was originally a measurement of volume, but for agricultural produce these days it is regularly agreed as a measurement of weight. But one bushel is not standardised: the precise agreed weight can vary from state to state, and also according to what produce is being measured.In New York in the 1850's one bushel of dried apples was 22 lbs; but to know how many fresh apples make a bushel in your locality, you would need to ask at a local produce receipt centre.

A peck of apples weighs 10 pounds. There are 4 pecks in a bushel, so a bushel would weigh 40 pounds. A peck isn't widely used as a form of measurement, except when it comes to apples.

The plural of apple is apples. Apples may be bought by the bag, the peck, or the bushel.

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A bushel and a pound are two different measurements! While both are generally dry units of measurements the bushel is used mostly in agriculture. A bushel of wheat and a bushel of corn have two different weights as do apples and oranges, where as a pound is a pound. The only way you're going to figure out the weight of a bushel of crabs is to cram as many crabs into a bushel basket as you can (good luck with that) and weigh it. Then again it depends on the type of crabs as well.

To be an idependent clause a phrase would need a conjugated verb. i.e "a bushel of apples to take home" is a phrase. "I need a bushel of apples to take home" is a complete sentence.

A bushel of apples weighs about 45 pounds (or 19kg)

Napoleon offered half a bushel of apples

The weight of an apple bushel is 48 lbs. The current average price in regular grocery stor now is $1.39 per lbs., according to the July 2014 average prices by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That brings the cost of a bushel of apples to $66.72.

. . . is that a bushel of feathers, a bushel of cotton, a bushel of wheat, or a bushel of lead pellets? (A bushel is a volume, not a weight.)

The amount in a bushel.

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