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Q: How many are killed in die hard?
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How many gypsies where killed by the evil Nazis in world war2?

it is hard to count how many were killed by evil Nazis and how many were killed by ordinary Nazis.

How many people were killed by the KKK?

many people were killed in the kkk because they wanted to die lolz

How many animals are killed per second?

About as many as are born a second. Don't forget that all living things die and many die from "natural" causes. But most are killed due to humans.

How did chiaotzu die?

umm......... this is kinda hard to admit but i gave it crack and alcohol so yeah................................. no hard feelings :L i killed ur pet :) huhuhu

How many people are killed by governments every year?

There are so many ways, it's hard to add up all the numbers. For instance, how many people die in jail due to inadequate medical care? How many people die because life-saving drugs are not approved? How many people die as a result of poverty-related circumstances because governments suppress economic freedom?

How many was killed in tsunami in japan?

It's hard to answer the question.Victims are increasing continously.

How many people die in jail?

People die in jail from many different things some die of old age some die of depression some people do acuttaly get killed or sometimes they commit suicidePeople die in jail from many different things some die of old age some die of depression some people do acuttaly get killed or sometimes they commit suicide

How can a turtle die?

there are many ways a sea turtle can die two examples is that they can die from old age or they can be killed

How many people did Pancho villa kill?

he killed hundrexds of people during the mexican revolution. its hard to say how many because its not written down how much he actuallyt killed.

How many people in the US die from drugs?

how many people die from drugs? * more people are likely to die by drugs then getting killed either way they both die.

How many antelopes die in a year?

about 1 million get killed

How many people did Macbeth have killed in Macbeth?

Hard to say exactly. He killed Duncan himself, so he doesn't count. He has Banquo killed. He has Lady Macduff killed. He has Macduff's children (unclear how many of these there are, but more than two anyway) and Servants (again unclear how many) killed. Do we want to count the soldiers who died fighting for him? Probably not.

How many communists killed in the holocaust?

hard to tell, they did not ask everyone's political opinion.

What are all the die hard movie names?

Die Hard Die Hard 2: Die Harder Die Hard With A Vengeance Live Free or Die Hard In 2013, "A Good Day to Die Hard" will be released

How many people were killed in Bali tsunami?

how many people die in bali tsunami

How many people have died because of deer?

not many more people die being killed by a moose.

What where the 4 diehard movies?

Die Hard Die Hard II - Die Harder Die Hard III - Die Hard With A Vengenance Die Hard 4.0

How many elephants die by poaching?

Millions have been killed in the past century and hundreds are being killed every year.

Who is the black bad guy on Die Hard?

Clarence Gilyard Jr. played Theo the computer hacker guy that was killed in the ambulance in the end.

How many votes did Douglas got?

people die when they killed the goverment

How many people were killed by the Mayan spear?

Go die nerd!

How many gorillas die a year?

About 300 gorillas get killed a year

How many Americans were killed in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami?

Around 500. Its hard to say.

How many birds die each year from being killed by cats?

Too many to count

How many bullets fired in the movie die hard?

365 bullets