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How many art collecting questions are on WikiAnswers?


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There are over 2,000 questions about art collecting on WikiAnswers.


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There are over 3,000 questions about fine art on WikiAnswers.

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There are many websites that will create ASCII art out of an uploaded photograph. However, as to how to put such art into an answer on WikiAnswers, it isn't recommended unless the question is very specifically looking for it. Otherwise, it may be construed as vandalism and it can get your account blocked.

I'd say they are an " Art Enthusiast" , some one who loves art & enjoys collecting one or more artist paintings

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The answer depends on the meaning of "cool". I think stamp collecting is about as cool as studying history or fine art or ballet.

Collecting Japanese art and fish.

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Art collecting is not a job. It is a hobby that you spend extra cash on, without expecting any profits whatsoever.

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Yes to both questions. As a Christian, I firmly believe nature is God's art as are people. Art is also a nature. I'm a cultural artist. I play piano and take dance. Art is what I do. So, the answer is yes to both questions.

Anthropology, strictly speaking, is science. But, since it is mainly based on fieldwork, it requires the art of conducting fieldwork and collecting data.

People of all ages and backgrounds ask questions at WA. Many do not have English as their first language. Many do not spell perfectly and many have difficulty explaining what they want to know. Many people get confused by the WA policy to ask questions using "you" and "your" instead of me and my. That's why it is the policy of WA to treat all questions with respect. If it is clear what the person is asking, the spelling and grammatical errors in the question can be corrected to make the question more clear. If the wrong term of art is used and you know the right term that can also be modified in the question. The goal is to treat everyone with respect and provide accurate answers.

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