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Cheetah's mate and reproduce all year round. They don't have any mating season as such. After a gestation period of around 90 to 98 days, a female give birth to a litter of upto 9 cubs. But, the average litter size is between 3 to 5 cubs. The cubs weigh an average of 150 to 300 grams at birth and stay with the mother for approximately 2 years. During this period, the mother protects her cubs and feeds them.

Male cheetahs take no part in raising the young ones. The females do it all by themselves.

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cheetah have 15 in a year :)

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How many babies can a cheetahs have?

Up to 9

What are the babies of a cheetahs?

Cheetah babies are called cubs.

Where do cheetahs have babies?

In the savanna

When are cheetahs born?

cheetahs are born mostly in the summer time. In Asia, cheetahs have babies called cubs.

Why do cheetahs lick their babies?

to wash them.

Why do cheetahs chirp instead of roar?

cheetahs chirp because that is their call for their babies

How long do cheetahs stay with their babies?

Cheetahs stay with their cubs for 5 - 6 months

What are the cheetahs babies called?

Kittens or kits

Do cheetahs have babies or cubs?

1)Cubs. The cheetahs belongs to the all-tiger group,and all-tiger have cubs not babies. 2) But for my second option is that their cubs are already their babies,it's so obvious.

What are bush babies enemies?

Bush babies enemies are tigers, lions, snakes, cheetahs, and, racoons.

What months do cheetahs have babies?

Cheetahs breed throughout the year, but breeding is most common between March and June.

Are cheetahs mammals why?

Cheetahs are warmed blooded animals that give live birth to their babies and nurse them with milk from their mothers. That is the definition of a mammal.

How do the parents cheetahs treat the babies?

like a real baby

When do cheetahs leave their babies?

The cheetah leaves their babies when they go out to hunt. They soon come back, hopefully with food.

Do lions and cheetahs ever raise each others babies?

No not at all. Lions will kill cheetahs and cheetah cubs if given the chance.

What do cheetahs feed their babies?

since cheetahs are mammals they drink their mothers milk they also have meat once weaned hope this helped

How do cheetahs give birth to their babies?

they have live birth because they are mammals

How do cheetahs raise there babies?

they have babies and then they look after them and then they eat them then they have more baybies then they think they are totally killer asome but the kids eat them

How do cheetahs feed their young cubs?

Cheetahs are mammals, so the babies nurse from the mother's teats. They are later taught to hunt their own prey as food.

How many cheetahs are in captivity?

There are 736 cheetahs in captivity

How do cheetahs make their how?

Cheetahs do not have a home. Many animals do not.

How do cheetahs have babies?

The same way we do. Except that mother cheetahs give birth to kittens (cubs), while mother humans give birth to infant humans.

What do cheetahs look like when they are babies?

Like balls of fluff.they look furry and cute

Do cheetahs have babies a lot?

No, they will usually have one litter every two years.

When cheetahs are born do they know how to run?

No because the babies have week legs and can not run so early.

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