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Elephant seals normally have 1 or 2 babies, but can sometimes have up to 4 or 5.

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Q: How many babies do elephant seals have?
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Related questions

Do elephant seals have eggs or live babies?

When it comes to birth, elephant seals are perfectly normal mammals, with live births.

Why are baby sea elephants not called babies?

Baby Elephant seals are called pups.

How do seals feed their babies?

Like other mammals seals feed their babies with milk. Some seals have a relatively short lactation period-four days for the hooded seal and five weeks for elephant seals, while others nurse for up to 3 years.

Why are elephant seals called elephant seals?

They are called elephant seals because they have long noses like a regular elephant.

How many babies will an elephant have in a lifetime?

The number of babies that an elephant will have in a lifetime will vary. On average they will have about 5 babies in their life.

Do seals live in antarctica?

yes they do. there are leopard seals elephant seals and many other breeds

How many seals are there in antarctica?

7: elephant seals,harp seals, cabeater seals, ross seals, leopard seals, wendell seals and hooded seals

Why are elephant seals are gray?

Because elephant seals are gray.

Do elephant seals have gills?

Elephant seals do not have gills. They have lungs.

How many teeth do elephant seals have?


What is the main predator of elephant seals?

Elephant seals only have two predators. The primary natural predator of elephant seals are great white sharks. Elephant seals are also prey to killer whales known as orcas.

How many different types of seals are there?

Here are some seals: Hawaiian monk seal elephant seals ringed seals ribbon seal Baikal seal harp seals hooded seals spotted seals Crabeater seals Leopard seals Ross seals Weddell seals harbor seals Northern elephant seals Southern elephant seals Gray seals Caspian seals bearded seals Mediterranean monk seals Antarctic ice seals Arctic ice seals

What eats elephant seals?

Killer wales eat elephant seals

How many babies can an elephant have in their lifetime?

Around six babies.

Do all elephant seals have trunks?

Yes, all elephant seals have trunks.

When can seals have babies?

yes they can seals can have babies

How many babies can an elephant?


How many elephant will be there in a group of elephant?

6 elephants and usually 2 babies.

Do elephant seals have tusks?

No. If you google pics of elephant seals, you will notice that they do not have tusks. Walruses have them, however.

How many babies do harp seals have?


How many babies do hooded seals have?

they have one baby at a time. The baby seals are also called pups.

How many babies does a elephant have?

They can have up to 16

How many babies does an elephant have at 1 time?

An Elephant Has one Baby at one time.

How many babies can seals produce?

As many as their uterus allows

Are polar bears an enemy of elephant seals?

Yes a polar bear is an enemy of the elephant sea land the elephant seals are a food source for the bears.