Labor and Birth

How many baby born?

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every five seconds a human baby is born

i think that atleast 4 baby pandas can be born at a time

baby is to early if it is born bfore the 34th week... it will not survive

2% of baby are born hermaphrodites

there 206 bones in a new born baby body

2 babies are born in April.

A normal human baby is born with 10 toes, 5 on each foot. Occasionally a genetic mutation will occur and baby will be born with more or less toes.

i believe a shark has a baby one at a time.

Approxmatiely 69Liters depending on the absolute volume of the baby.

baby boom babies because there were so many babies born after the war.

A baby of at least 7 and half months can be born prematurely and survive.

Baby rhinos are born the same as a human baby is born. Baby rhinos are born through a vaginal birth.

Four to seven kits are born in a litter.

Usually one baby monkey is born to the monkey.

You feed it from the day it is born.

more than baby boys that's all i know

The baby grows in the mother's womb for nine months before it is ready to be born.

A baby horse is born like a human baby.

A stillborn baby is a baby who is born dead

You can tell the parents how beautiful their new born child is and how the child resembles the parents. Additionally, many people buy baby gifts and baby clothes to celebrate the birth of the new born.

no Vanessa born does not have a baby

On average, one baby is born every minute.

Baby alligators have one egg tooth when they're born that helps them to get out of the egg

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