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Four to seven kits are born in a litter.

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From one to 8 baby skunks are in a litter.

i think that atleast 4 baby pandas can be born at a time

i believe a shark has a baby one at a time.

Skunks actually don't "hibernate" like bears do. In the winter time, you will find many skunks sharing the same den. They may go out to hunt for food from time to time but they don't hibernate. They are just less active.

Bats usually have one live young at a time. Ocassionally, twins are born.

A mother caribou usually has one baby at a time, twins are rare.

Platypuses lay between one and three eggs at a time.

A mother Manta can 5 to 15 baby Manta's at a time.

It depends on how big the mother was before she had the baby but the weight does not have to run in genes all of the time

20 to 30 eggs. nature decides how many hatch.

Usually one, for the species is desiged to handle one offspring at a time.

In general, a female giraffe has only one baby. It is rare for twins to be born to a giraffe although it has been known to happen.

they are born in the spring time

Baby deer are most commonly born in the month of April

Most gazelles have a single offspring at one time, although twins can occur occasionally.

There isn't just one. Plus, it depends on the time zone of the baby born. Many babies in the country were all born on 1/1/2003 at 12:01 am.

decaplets are 10 baby born at the same time ten babies are in decaplets

A female chimpanzee normally gives birth to just one baby. It is very unsusal for more than one baby per pregnancy.

Wolf babies are as many as a seven for pig baby feeding station. Watermelon.

spring time most of the time but some times they are born in the summer time

Cougars can be born any time of the year.

Each pregnancy usually results in a single baby after about 7.5 months. Twins happen but are very rare.

Skunks come out whenever they want to... Day or night seen bregin.. xD Jkz IDK..

9 months is the 'standard' time that a woman is pregnant for and during this time, the baby is developing. If the baby is born before 36 weeks, the baby is said to be 'premature' because the baby has not reached his/her full level of development.

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