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first off you spelled dollar wrong and for 1 "Dallor" you can buy half a dozen and if you can't do math either that's six

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How many Nickels in a dallor?


How many pennies in 1 dallor?


Why bananas is only monkeys food?

Bananas are not just for monkeys. Monkeys love bananas but so do people and many other fruit loving creatures. I like bananas and buy a bunch every week.

Strawberries cost 5.99 per pound and bananas cost0.59 per pound How many pounds of bananas could you buy for thecost of one pound of bananas?

10.15 pounds

How many kinds of 1872 seated liberty dollars exists?

dimes, 25 cent piece, pennys, 5 cent piece, half dallor, and dallor pieces!

How many bananas are in a bunch?

rio socks really smell dont buy them they are a scam

Where could you buy bananas?

a shop

Where are the bananas the monkeys have taken from cupcake?

You can buy the 15 bananas from Tropicton food store.

How many bananas are in 43.29 dozen bananas?

519.28 bananas

Ed bought 9 bananas at one fruit stand and three at another he bought 8 more bananas than gail how many did gail buy?

Ed has 9+3 bananas = 12 He has 8 more bananas than Gail 12-8 = 4 Gail has 4 bananas.

What poisonous creature lives in bananas?

There are many poisonous spiders found in bananas, but in the very bananas you buy at your average grocery store, there are millions of poisonous bacteria. But don't worry. Their poison can't effect you and banana factories have placed chemicals or have cleaned the bananas so that the bacteria dies and the bananas are perfectly safe.

Where you can buy supra holy bananas in cheektowaga?

You just bought supra holy bananas? Nonsense!

Which fruit can you buy in bunches?

grapes and bananas

How many bananas do Britain buy?

the british are scared of yellow things please get that yellow pages away

How many seeds do bananas have?

Bananas do not have seeds

How many bananas should you have a day?

You can never have too many bananas.

How many types of bananas can you buy?

There over 1000 types of bananas in the world, many of them differing slightly in appearance, size, taste and use. The most popular are the Manzano, the Baby/Nino, Burro, Red, Plantain, and Cavendish.

Are bananas at the store real bananas?

The ones that you can buy at the store to eat are real bananas. (A store may occasionally use fake/plastic ones in a display)

What is the most popular fruits American buy?


Can you buy fashion origami in go bananas?

Yes, you can!

What do you do with the bananas in monkey quest?

Buy Backpacks and stuff.

How many bananas are in a pound?

Five Bananas are in a pound

How many bananas make 1 cup of crushed bananas?

6 bananas make 1 cup of crushed bananas.

How many bananas are there in a score of bananas?

it depends on how well they are grown

How many bananas does it take to make an apple?

5 bananas

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