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Approximately 4 or 5 bell peppers equal one pound, depending on size of each one.

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How many bell peppers diced equals 1 cup?

Approximately 2 bell peppers

How many chili peppers in a pound?

There is no exact amount of chili peppers in a pound. The amount of peppers can vary based on how much the individual peppers weigh.

How many green peppers per pound?

The amount of green peppers in a pound will vary depending on the size of the peppers. For a medium size pepper, a pound is about 3.

How many bell peppers in a bushel?

Each bushel contains 25 pounds of bell peppers. On average, you will probably end up with about 200 bell peppers per bushel.

How many banana peppers make a pound?

Roughly about 6 banana peppers make a pound.

How many cups of hot peppers equals a pound?

Hot peppers come in all sizes from about 1/2 ounce to 10 ounces.

How do you know how many peppers equal a pound of peppers?

By weighing them. A pound of bell (sweet) peppers will be fewer (because they're bigger) than a pound of jalapeños which are smaller than bells but bigger still than cayenne which are bigger or smaller than other types of peppers like Scotch Bonnets, Habanero, Santaka, and hundreds of other kinds in numerous sizes and shapes and therefore weight per pepper. And even then, one bell pepper is going to be bigger or smaller and therefore weigh more or less than the next bell pepper. You have to weigh them, regardless. Commercial packing standards for Bell Peppers is; MEDIUM shall have 77-88 per 25#'s (4.9oz avg) LARGE shall have 60-70 per pound 25#s (6.2oz avg)

How many bell peppers does a single plant yield?

Since bell peppers are rather big, it would yield something 6-10 fruits.

How many quarts in a pound?

a pint equals a pound, and a pint equals half of a quart. (a pound equals half of a quart)

How many chili peppers equal to a pound?

It depends on the type of chili peppers and their size. You should weigh them if you can.

One pound equals how many kgs?

One pound equals 0.453592kg

How many ounces of oil equals a pound?

16 ounces of oil equals a pound -( 16 ounces of anythingequals a pound ! )

How many cups of chopped bell peppers make a cup?

Depends on the size,but generally it takes two medium size chopped bell peppers to make one cup.

How many cups equals a pound?

2 cups ( 16 ounces ) equals a pound.

One pound equals how many kilograms?

One pound equals = 0.4535924 kilograms

If you don't have a scale approximately how many sweet red peppers in a pound?

3 or 4 fist-sized peppers will be close enough to a pound for most recipes. If you want to get it even closer, chop them up and cover them in water. Two cups of water is a pound. After you pull the peppers out of the water, if it takes two cups to make up the water to the same level, you have a pound of peppers.

1 pound of butter equals how many ounces?

A pound of anything equals 16 ounces.

1 pound equals how many kilograms for cooking?

One pound equals .4536 kilograms.

How many milligrams equals a pound?

About 453,592mg per pound.

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