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80 % of the black guys have dated white girls publicly or secretly.

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Les than 5% of Black guys are gay.

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Q: How many black guys date white girls?
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Do white guys date black girls?


How gets married more white girls black guys black girls white guys?

White girls

What do you call a black girl who likes black guys?

There is no specific term for black girls that like black guys, just like there isn't a term for white girls that date white guys. There is no specific name for someone who dates inside their own race.

Why don't white guys date black girls?

You should get out more and you'd see that they do.

Can Hungarian guys date black girls?

no they can only date Hungarian girls. Of course they can date black girls, why wouldn't they?

Why do white girls only date white men and are scared of black guys?

White girls date black guys all the time in most of the world (or at least where both are present). If they do not in your area, there may be a lingering belief or given fact that dating a black person is dangerous, and there are several reasons for this. an' coz their racist bastards!

Why do white girls go with black guys?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Why white guys call black girls ugly?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Not all white guys think black girls are ugly. There are probably some white guys that do not find black girls attractive, just like there are some that do not find red heads attractive, or girls that are tall, or girls that are short. Different people are attracted to different things. There are plenty of interracial relationships throughout the world. There are white guys that are only attracted to white girls. There are white guys that have no racial preference, and just go for the girls they happen to like. There are also white guys that are only attracted to black girls. To say that all white guys think all black girls are ugly is just false. It is an over generalization.

Who do white girls see in black guys?

Depends on which white girl.

Why do black guys go out with white girls?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Do white guys like big black girls?


Do white guys find black girls attractive?

They did in the 30s...