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Q: How many black pony express riders and who were they?
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Who were the first black pony express riders?

William Randall!!

What were the pony express riders like?

they were often pony riders.

How many riders were needed 4 the pony express?


How many riders did the Pony Express riders employ at one time?

80 to 100

What are the names of the Pony express riders?

pony express rider of the last name of Chase

How much money did a pony express rider get?

pony express riders got 25$

How much did riders on the pony express get paid?

a riderfor the pony express got $25

What are the release dates for Riders of the Pony Express - 1949?

Riders of the Pony Express - 1949 was released on: USA: 13 May 1949

What did Pony Express riders carry?


What were the job of the riders of the pony express?

to deliver messages

What are the ratings and certificates for Riders of the Pony Express - 1949?

Riders of the Pony Express - 1949 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

The used horseback riders to deliver mail?

pony express

How old were riders on the pony express?

they had to be from 11-mid 40s

What did pony express riders eat?

Corn dodgers and beef jerkey.

Why was pony express no longer needed?

Although the Pony Express riders carried letters from station to station, it was the transcontinental telegraph line connecting East to West that spelled the end of the Pony Express.

How many days did it take the pony express to go 2000 miles?

Under fair conditions, the Pony Express riders could carry the mail 2000 miles in 10 days.

What are the release dates for Cavalcade of America - 1952 Riders of the Pony Express 2-11?

Cavalcade of America - 1952 Riders of the Pony Express 2-11 was released on: USA: 15 December 1953

What was the job of the pony express riders?

It easy they sent mail to the people before they invented trains.

What fast riders carried letters between California and Missouri?

Pony Express or Wells Fargo

What replaced the colonial post riders?

I think that it is Pony Express or Conestoga wagon if you have those ansers

What was the route of the pony expressway?

The pony express started in 1860. It used riders on horses to send mail from Missouri to California in 10 days.

Why did the riders of pony express use horses?

Because there was no other form of transportation that was faster than a horse.

Who were the riders for pony express?

The riders for the pony express had to know how to ride REALLY Good. They would ride at day at night and have to watch out for dangers. Most old ads said they were looking for wiry fellows who were younger maybe in their older teen ages. the government prefered orphans, so if the riders got hurt, they wouldn't be "missed"

Were ponies part of the pony express?

Yes. The riders rode horses on a set route with stops to change horses.

What is a motorbike pony express?

It is a 3 to 4 hour race around a course non stop . With an express you can ride with a partner changing riders every lap.