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How many black quarterbacks have won Super Bowl rings as starters?


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2011-09-13 01:21:19
2011-09-13 01:21:19

Only one and he would be doug Williams of the Washington redskins.Also he was the MVP of that game played on Jan 31 1988.


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Two black quarterbacks have won Super Bowl Rings as starters, Doug Williams and Russell Wilson.

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There are only two starting quarterbacks with 4 rings. Terry Bradshaw (IX, X, XIII & XIV) and Joe Montana (XVI, XIX, XXIII & XXIV).

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If you mean starting quarterbacks, Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

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Washington Redskin Quarterbacks who have won Super Bowl Rings are:Joe Theismann - Super Bowl XVIIDoug Williams - Super Bowl XXIIMark Rypien - Super Bowl XXVI

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