Pit Bulls

How many bones do pitbulls have?

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There are probably 2-3,000 pitbulls in just america.

two trillion pitbulls including your mama...

there are only two types of pitbulls, blue nose and red nose.

This can be many things, depending on the individual dog. My female loves rawhide bones and my male would prefer a belly rub from me to any edible treat.

There is only 1 breed of pitbulls. In this breed there is a number lines mostly named by a family name.

as many as they want. it's magic!

i dont know really everybody that likes pitbulls but i do know alot of people that love them ypu should to

pitbulls are known to have overvte, American pitbulls and other breeds of pitbulls.

No people do not eat pitbulls if there is any eating involved it is pitbulls eating people.

Rottweilers are bigger than pitbulls. There are some breeds of pitbulls that might be larger than rottweilers. Bluenosed pitbulls, rednosed pitbulls, and the shockerline pitbulls are usually bigger than rottweilers.

Are pitbulls allowed in Sumner Iowa

how many bones does a chicken have how many bones does a chicken have in its entire body+ how many bones does a chicken have how many bones does a chicken have in its entire body+ how many bones does a chicken have how many bones does a chicken have in its entire body+

This is just in the USA. In January 2006 to December 2008- In this three year period Pitbulls killed 51 people. That's about 17 people per year.In 2009 Pitbulls killed 14 people2010 Pitbulls killed 22 people2011 Pitbulls killed 22 people.And at the time of writing this 4th October 2012 Pitbulls have also killed 22 people.So to answer your question, from 2006 onwards in the USA Pitbulls kill about 20 people per year.

Pitbulls are banned in several European countries.

Whailt is a pitbulls real name

Trelawny Pitbulls was created in 2003.

UK Pitbulls was born in 1971.

yes you can have pit bulls in Chicago...there are alot of pitbulls in Chicago and i have own two pitbulls in Chicago.

Two aggressive pitbulls with strong biting force can kill a wolf, and any lone wild dogs.

As many pitbulls as you fu ckin want.

There is no specific statistic or sensus about the quantity of these dogs.

Pitbulls has a stomach acording to his size. The pitbulls will overeat if food is not stored until they are bloated. We carefull about that.

In a fair fight, 4 or 5 pitbulls might have enough strength to take down a tiger if two distracts the tiger and three others go on the side.Answer TwoMost likely five vicious pitbulls.

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