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I think there is 19.


I have found 37. they are all listed on wikipedia too

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What did James fenimore Cooper write?

What did James Fenimore Cooper Write about and how has it influenced our views toward native Americans today? How cute Greg Simpsons is and how much Liz loves him?

What did James fenimore Cooper write about?

mr cooper wrote about the adventures of rugged frontiersmen venturing into the wilderness

Did James Fenimore Cooper write Charlotte Temple?

no. some chick named susanna did.

Did James fenimore cooper write about the west and the American Indians even though he never saw the American frontier?

yes he did

Did Mark Twain write The Last of the Mohicans?

No, James Fenimore Cooper was the author of 'The Last of the Mohicans,' a popular historical fiction writer of the early nineteenth century. Mark Twain was a popular writer of books like 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,' during the last half of the nineteenth century.

What was the names of James fenimore cooper's children? :"On 1 January 1811, in Mamaroneck, New York, Cooper married Susan Augusta DeLancey (1792-1852) with whom he would have seven children: daughters Elizabeth (1811-1813), Susan (1813-1894), Caroline (1815-1892), Anne (1817-1885), and Maria (1819-1898); and sons Fenimore (1821-1823) and Paul (1824-1895)."Full names: Elizabeth Cooper, Susan Augusta Fenimore Cooper, Caroline Martha Cooper (Mrs. Henry Frederick Phinney), Anne Charlotte Cooper, Maria Frances Fenimore Cooper* (Mrs. Richard Cooper: Richard Cooper, JFC's nephew!), Fenimore Cooper, & Paul Fenimore Cooper.* Letters & Journals, vol. VI, p. 246, ftn. 2: The Cooper family Bible reads: "Maria Frances Fenimore Cooper, fourth living daughter of James Fenimore Cooper and Susan Augusta De Lancey, was married to Richard Cooper, son of Richard Fenimore Cooper, on the 10th day of December, Eighteen Hundred and Fifty, at Christ Church, Cooperstown, by the Rev. Stephen H. Battin."The middle name "Fenimore" (his mother's maiden name) was added in 1826. (Cooper had petitioned in vain for a double surname.) Apparently not all of the surviving children (five in number) adopted "Fenimore" as a middle name.Cooper's dates: Sept. 15, 1789 - Sept. 14, 1851; His wife: Mrs. James ["Fenimore" added] Cooper (maiden name: Susan Augusta De Lancey): b. Jan. 28, 1792."My mother [Mrs. William Cooper, maiden name: Elizabeth Fenimore] had a small property in this county, which she had inherited by a transfer of lands in New Jersey from her father, and which she offered to give me, if I would take her family name in lieu of that of Cooper. My father opposed it. The latter died, leaving me an equal portion of his own estate. My mother survived him several years and repeated the offer from time to time. I would not accept the offer of the eight or ten farms she owned, but promised to make the change so far as to add her name to my father's, and to use both as a family name. My mother died several years before the law was passed, the delay arising from the circumstance that I was implicated in many lawsuits and change might produce confusion. In 1826 I got extricated from the law and was going abroad for health and variety. That was the time to redeem the pledge given to my mother before her death. The application was, as I have said, to add Fenimore to the old family name, keeping both. The legislators, who always know more than their constituents, changed this application by authorizing me to use Fenimore as a middle name, a power I did not ask. As the law authorized me to use Fenimore, and my children were all so young as to render it a matter of indifference to them, I did no more in the way of legislation; though I have always used the name Fenimore as part of my family name, except in discourse. My wife and children do the same, as will probably any descendants I may have hereafter in the male line. Thus the reason I write Fenimore in full, abbreviating James for shortness." -The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper, vol. V, pp. 200- 201, Letter #893. To Philander Benjamin Prindle, From Hall, Cooperstown, 30 March, 1847.On the derivation of the name Fenimore, Cooper points out:"Fenimore is derived from a manor in Oxfordshire that in the Doomsday Book is called Finnimer and Finnimere. It is now called Finnimore. It is singular that while I was last in England proceedings were going on in Chancery to ascertain the rightful heir to the manor. I make no doubt the rightful male heir is in America, though the family is not uncommon. When the change in the spelling occurred I do not know, but I spell it as it was spelled by my mother before her marriage, and by my grandfather." Ibid., Vol. V, p. 201.In footnote 1 [-The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper, vol. I, p. 132] the following statement is made:"In fulfilment of a pledge made to his mother to perpetuate her family name, Cooper petitioned that he be authorized to add Fenimore to his father's name, retaining both. The bill was reported on 16 March [1826] as "an act authorizing James Cooper to assume a middle name," referred to a Select Committee consisting of Alpheus Sherman, Henry B. Cowles, and Samuel S. Lush, and approved by the New York State Legislature on 17 March 1826."

Where did J California Cooper write her books?

North Carolina

What books did James Baldwin write?

baby nursery books

How many books did James Weldon Johnson write?

4 books

Why does James Patterson write books with other authors?

James Patterson writes books with other authors because he is not smart enough to write his own book.

Who does James Patterson write his books for?

James Patterson doesn't write books, he writes outlines. He then gives the outlines to ghostwriters that then write the books under the 'James Patterson' name. After publishing James Patterson receives royalties and from that pays the ghostwriters a flat fee for their work. In short, he writes for his bank account.

How many books did James Howe write?


How many books did James Patterson write?


How many book did James Patterson write?

James Patterson has written about 74 books.

How many books did James l collier write?


Why does James Frey Write Books?

Cause he feels like it!

What books of the bible did the brothers of Jesus write?

The book of James

How many books did James Herriot write?

The 8 books he wrote that were published in the UK were published elsewhere as 6 books.

Who did James Patterson write his books for?

probably for us young kids.

Did James write in greek?

Yes, James was originally written in Greek, as were all the New Testament books.

What type of science does James Dashner write about?

he writes sci-fi books

Where did Ian Fleming write James Bond books?

In his house in Jamaica, called GoldenEye.

Which books of the Bible did James write?

Just the Epistle of James. It is not certain which James wrote it. It was probably 'James the brother of the Lord', who was neither of the apostles, James son of Zebedee or James son of Alpheus.

Why wouldn't James Patterson write a fifth book?

He rarely writes his own books. He provides outlines to other people and let's them write.

Did captain james cook write any books?

I think he wrote a journey book, but the most interesting facts must be in books of the rest of the expedition !

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