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There are going to be 9 books 3 of them have been released these are

Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant playing with fire

Skulduggery Pleasant the facless ones

The next one is coming out on the 4th of April (in the UK) It's going to be called

Skulduggery Pleasant dark days


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Q: How many books of skull dugery pleasant is there going to be?
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What is the Skulduggery Pleasant 4 book about?

The fourth book is about Valkyrie trying to save Skulduggery from the other side of the portal, where the faceless are. Will she choose necromancy or continue with her elemental powers? * CONTAINS SPOILERS * Book No. 4, Dark Days, continues on from book 3, The Faceless Ones. At the end of book 3, Skulduggery was pulled into the portal and is now trapped inside with The Faceless Ones. The last part of The Faceless Ones tells a well-known necromancer telling Valkyrie that Skulduggery's skull (The one the goblins nicked of his spinal chord) can be used as an Isthmus Anchor. Dark days tells what happens next. From Valkyrie going after Skulduggery's skull, to Scapegrace becoming a zombie. As always, its one heck of a read. Numbat_77 P.S At the end of Dark Days there's a special page telling how for the only time ever there will be two SP books in the same year. Skulduggery Pleasant Book 5: Coming in September.

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What is Skulduggery Pleasant 4 about?

Valkyrie is learning necromancy and is trying to get back Skulduggery's skull so Fletcher can open the portal again and get him back. Lots of secrets are revealed in this book and one bad guy is trying to destroy the sanctuary.

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There are two versions of the book:The first is purple and has a picture of Valkyre Cain holding Skulduggery's skull. On the back is a picture of dusk.The second is red and has a picture of Skulduggery running away from a red ball of energy. On the back is the same picture of Valkyre holding Skulduggery's skull.

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