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Alcohol does not kill any brain cells; that's an old myth used to frighten people into not choosing to drink.

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Q: How many brain cells does a 12 ounce of beer kill?
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Does beer kill brain cells?

It depends on how much you drink. The most recent research suggests that moderate drinking does not impede brain function. Like everything else, doing it in excess does kill brain cells. My source:

Does cheese kill brain cells?

no cheese does not kill brain cells

Does beer kill more brain cells than meth?

Withdrawl my original Edit, as there is insufficient data to support.

Does LSD kill brain cells?

All abused drugs will kill your brain cells.

How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

Can smoking weed kill your brain cells?

No. Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells it is a myth.

How many brains cells does one beer kill?

Drinking alcohol, even in large quantities, does not kill any brain cells. However, abusing alcohol can have other undesirable health and safety outcomes.

Does alcohol kill brain neutrons?

Alcohol does not kill brain cells.

Can tv kill your brain cells?

No, but it can lead to your brain cells weakening.

Does Diet Coke kill brain cells?

No, diet Coke does not kill peoples brain cells. Diet Coke is not a healthy choice of soda to drink, but it will not kill any brain cells.

Does ink kill brain cells?

Ink does not directly kill brain cells. However, the metals and toxins in ink can kill brain and other cells and is not good for the body or your health as a whole.

Does marijiuna kill your brain cells?

yes marijuana does kill your brain cells it has been scientifically proven.

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