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Not all of them do, but those who have will usually be equipped with a type of caliper brake known as an U-brake.

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The rules aren't the same everywhere.

In My country, the law is "one brake separate from the drivetrain".

Meaning If you have a coaster brake, you also need one other brake.

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Q: How many brakes does a bike have to be legal?
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Are you allowed to ride your bike on paper rounds?

If the bicycle is road legal(has brakes, lights, reflectors) - sure.

How do you put the brakes on the bike?

depends on the bike and the brakes. Go to or for more.

Do brakes mess up your bmx bike?

If you're talking about looks then it's all about personal taste, and IMO brakes are so darn useful that I'd keep them on no matter what. If you intend to ride in traffic they're required to make your bike legal anyhow. Structurally your bike is fine with them.

What are two innovation that bike brakes?

Disc brakes and drum brakes.

Why does a gentle squeeze on your bike brakes stop your bike?

if your bike is a u, v or disk brake the cable is probably to tight or if you have hydraulic brakes of any kind your brakes will do this you just have to deal with it

Where can you buy brakes for a bike?

any bike store

What sort of brakes does the silverfox attitude bike have?

Mechanical disc brakes.

Does a racing biKe have brakes?


Why it is difficult to move a bike with its brake on?

Brakes are designed to stop things from moving, therefore making it difficult to move a bike that has its brakes on.

What does a dirt bike need to ride on a road?

If it's a public road, that anyone is allowed to use, then the bike has to be road legal (lights, indicators, mufflers, brakes, emissions...) and insured, and the rider will need a driver's license.

How many parts are one a Bmx bike?

It depends if you have a 3 piece crank, spokes, brakes.

Do the brakes on a bicycle need to stop?

THe brakes rarely need to stop. But the brakes can be used to make the bike stop.