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How many breaths does a person average each day?


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12-16 beats per minute is average so...

720-960 beats per hour

17,280-23,040 per day

A normal respiratory rate is somewhere around 8-14 breaths per minute. Given 1,440 minutes in a day, and assuming a normal respiratory rate of say 12 breaths per minute, and that respiratory rate doesn't vary much throughout the day, you'd have 12 * 1,440 = 17,280 breaths in a day. Of course these assumptions break down when considering a real person doing real things (eg, what would happen in exercise?), the number at least gets you in the ballpark.

17,280-23,040 per day

The average person takes about 15 breaths a minute. So, 15 x 60 (minutes in an hour)= 900 x 24 (hours in a day) = 21,600.

Depending on the circumstances, the average person in- and exhales 12 times per minute 0.5 litres of air. 12 times 0.5 makes 6 litres of air per minute. Thus 60 times (1 hour) 24 times (1 day) 6 litres results in 8640 litres of air in 1 day. This is done in 17280 breaths per day.

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Well , the average person takes 28,880 breaths a day, so 28,880 times 365 is a grand total of 10,541,200 breaths a year.

17,280-23,040 per dayThe average person takes about 15 breaths a minute. So, 15 x 60 (minutes in an hour)= 900 x 24 (hours in a day) = 21,600.

The average respiration rate for a person at rest is about 16 breaths per minute.This means on average, we breathe about 960 breaths an hour23040 breaths a day8409600 a yearIf a person lives to 80, then that means on average they will take 672,768,000 breaths in a lifetime!Please note this is based on a persons average respiration rate at rest. It does not take into account the increase in respiratory rate during exercise.Also our respiratory rates are significantly faster as children, therefore the actual figure is probably a lot higher than this!you take 10,541,200 breaths a year so lets say the average person is 80This would equil to 843296000

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Depends on the person and their age, fitness level and whether they are at rest or active. Wikipedia suggests the following: * Newborns: Average 44 breaths per minute * Infants: 20-40 breaths per minute * Preschool children: 20-30 breaths per minute * Older children: 16-25 breaths per minute * Adults: 12-20 breaths per minute * Adults during strenuous exercise 35-45 breaths per minute * Athletes' peak 60-70 breaths per minute However a person in meditation may go down to 4 breaths a minute and a smker running for his life may be panting very quickly.

Newborns: Average 44 breaths per minuteInfants: 20-40 breaths per minutePreschool children: 20-30 breaths per minuteOlder children: 16-25 breaths per minuteAdults: 12-20 breaths per minuteAdults during strenuous exercise 35-45 breaths per minuteAthletes' peak 60-70 breaths per minute

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