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How many brothers does rey mysterio have?


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Rey Mysterio has 2 brothers


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no they are not, rey mysterio brother is batista

rey mysterio has 2 brothers duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh

5 rey mysterio is my hero im a boy but he is my trainer!!! im from sandiago but i can also speaky English at highschool!!!!!

No Rey Mysterio Jr. is not Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the one who trained rey mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio is rey myserio Jr.'s uncle You are partly right in that Rey Mysterio, Sr. did train Rey Mysterio, Jr. BUT Rey Mysterio, Jr. has dropped the Jr. off of his name is known as Rey Mysterio. So in that regard you are wrong.

Yes, he has three brothers

no. they are friends or something.

Rey Mysterio has a total of 28 tattoos

Yes, Rey Mysterio Sr. is his uncle and was the one that trained him.Rey Mysterio Jr. is Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio sr is Rey Mysterio jr's uncle.

1.Chester El Rey Mysterio 2.Hengs Mysterio 3.Eve MMb Mysteri

Óscar Gutiérrez (Rey mysterio) , has three brothers: Luis, Lalo, and Roberto Gutiérrez. I do not know of their ages.

Rey Mysterio was trained by his dad Rey Mysterio Snr.

Rey Mysterio Jr. is now called Rey Mysterio and if you want his real name, then go to and type Rey Mysterio. It has everything u need to know about Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio Is Mexican

Rey Mysterio is awesome

oh no John Cena and Rey Mysterio are not brothers they may be friends but not brothers

Q: Are wwe wrestling favourites Batista and Rey Mysterio brothers?no, "The Animal" Batisa and "The Biggest Little Man" Rey Mysterio are not brothers, many wwe fans suspect they are bothers because of their respect and love for each other but no they are not family, BEFORE, but now they can't stand eachother- Wael MaraachRey Mysterio and Batista are not brothers, they hate each other.It's just a saying they probable like each other in real life but in WWE they hate each other.

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

Of Course Rey Mysterio is cool

Rey Mysterio is a Christian

no but they are like it .but not anymore because of that one time

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rey mysterio rocks he is the best

Rey Mysterio was married when he was maybe, 23?

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