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Johannes Kepler had six siblings, although three of them died at an early age. Of the remaining three, two of them grew up to be normal, law-abiding citizens, while Heinrich was an epileptic who was always either sick or in trouble.

Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press. It helped promote learning because many people had access to newspapers and written works rather than just a few.

There are 4 brothers and 3 sister's all up. Assume your one of the brothers - hence you have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. However any one of your sisters, would have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

he had 9 brothers and sisters and 9 half brothers and sisters

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Athena had no brothers or sisters.

This is a logic puzzle. YOU are part of the puzzle, so you have equal brothers and sisters. Your brothers have twice as many sisters (meaning you) as they have brothers. So if you have one brother and one sister, they are equal. But if your brother has two sisters, he has twice as many sisters as brothers, right? It doesn't say that he HAS brothers, just that he has twice as many sisters as brothers. So you have a brother and a sister, but your brother has two sisters. Three kids, two girls and one boy.

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Johannes Gutenberg was a German publisher who introduced mechanical movable type printing to Europe. He had two older siblings, Friele and Else.

He had two or three brothers and no sisters

Omarion has six brothers and sisters.