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Q: How many bullets does a 380 auto 48 model clip holds?
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What is a gun clip?

The Clip that holds the bullets inside and automatic or any clip that holds bullets ready to load.

How many bullets in the clip of an air rifle?

It all depends on the model.

What is the thing that holds the bullets outside of a gun called?

Hand, bullet loop on a holster, bandoleer, clip, magazine,

What model is an old 22 caliber clip fed semiautomatic with markings on it of Marlin New Haven no serial number and no model number the clip only holds about7 bullets?

Go to google and look up images of a "marlin model 80". Model 80's were made in new haven from 1934-1939 or so and then I believe the plant was moved to north haven.

How many bullets will a savage model 340 3030 bolt action clip hold?

3 - Three

How many bullets in a handgun clip?

10 is legal in california. But it depends on the model. Anywhere from 6-17

What kind of gun holds wc bullets?

WC means wadcutter. The bullet is shaped like a soup cap- flat ends- made to clip a clean hole in a paper target. These are USUALLY fired from revolvers- but there are a few auto pistols designed to shoot them.

What is the thing that holds the bullets in a gun called?

== == The part that holds the bullets in a revolver type pistol is called the "cylinder". In an automatic type pistol it's called a "magazine".

How long can bullets be left in a clip?

I have been told bullets can be left in the clip forever. I'm would think a service weapon clip is replaced more often.

How many bullets are in a shotgun clip?

Shotguns neither fire bullets, nor do they use clips. The capacity for each shotgun will vary by model, load, and magazine. A Remington 870 off-the-shelf holds five rounds. The Saiga shotgun uses a detachable box magazine which may hold anywhere from five to 30 shotgun shells.

Clip Bullets Sniper Rifle?

What are you trying to ask?

What bullets can fit in the recon?

Clip system darts