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Depends on the model, I have a Savage 110 270 and it hold for 4 rounds.


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A Savage. It is very reliable and light weight.

Just picked up a savage .270 WIN. in a model 116 with bull barrel. From Shiptons Big R in Billings,Montana.PH:406-652-9118.

in excellent condition, i have seen them go for $270

It can only safely accept the 270 Weatherby Magnum if that is what it is chambered for. If you want to chamber it in some other caliber than get a new rifle. Just because two bullets have the same diameter bullet (270 or any other caliber) does not make it safe to fire it in your gun.

have shot targets with 270 Winchester at 1000 yards. never tried one further. Have shot smaller bullets at longer range, would think the 270 would be accurate at longer range as well.

In my opinion theyre fairly close to each other. Theyre both based on the 30-06 cartridge case. The 270 shoots lighter bullets at higher velocities but the 308 can shoot heavier bullets. I would base a choice depending on the application.

3+1 Meaning 3 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber.

Answer: 270 " = 7.5 yds.

There are 270/12 = 22.5 feet

270 ml water = 270 grams = 9.524 ounces

Equation: 270/305 So, 270 millimeters in feet is 0,885827.

3 to solve this, simply divide 270 by 90

Muzzle velocity and muzzle energy. 7mm uses .284 diameter bullets and the .270 uses .277 diameter bullets. The .270 is basically a necked down .30-06 case. 7mm comes in several different flavors. The 7mm Mauser is 6mm shorter than the .270/.30-06 and has less powder capacity. the 7mm Remington express (.280 Rem) has the same length (very close) as the .30-06, but the shoulder is slightly farther forward. This prevents it from being accidentally chambered in a .270 or .30-06 and gives a bit more powder capacity.

270 millimeters are 27 centimeters.

270 meters is 885.83 feet.

Answer: 270 km = 167.770 mi.

270 meters = ~295.3 yards.

Answer: 270 mi. = 434,522.88 m

270 grams is 1.19 cups

270 inches = 6,858 millimeters.

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