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Soybean yieldsAn acre is measured by an area whereas a bushel is measured by weight. An acre of ground is 43,560 square feet. Producers will plant soybeans on ground and depending on hybrid, weather, soil fertility and many other variables, the bushels of soybeans that the ground will produce will vary. The National average soybean yield is hovering around 40 bushels per acre.

The record was in Missouri in 2010, at 160 bushels an acre.

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70 pounds per acre

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Q: How many bushels of soybeans are in an acre?
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How many bushels can you get from an acre of soybeans?

57.9 bu per acre

How many soybeans did the US grow in 2006?

In 2006, the US produced 3.197 billion bushels of soybeans from 74.6 million acres with an average yield of just under 43 bushels per acre.

How many bushels of soybeans in one ton?

36.7437 bushels.

How many bushels of corn per acre in nebraska?

166 bushels

How many bushels of soybeans does a semi trailer hold?


How many bushels of corn per acre Pennsylvania?

The average yield of corn per acre in Pennsylvania is approximately 150 bushels. The average soybean yield is 40 bushels per acre.

600 bushels per acre how kg per acre?

How many kilograms of what?

How many bushels of soybeans per acre are there in Iowa?

It varies from year to year, of course, but the statewide average is very near 50 bushels per acre. 2011 average for Iowa was 50.6 bushels/acre, making it the second state for soybean yield, after Nebraska. (One of the sources listed below in the related links puts Iowa's 2011 yield per acre third behind Nebraska and Illinois, but USDA puts it second.)

What is the average soybean yield in Kansas 2009?

In 2009 Kansas farmers produced 160.6 million bushels of soybeans from 3.65 million acres for an average yield of 44 bushels per acre.

How many bushels of dried beans can you grow per acre?

50 bushels per acre is not uncommon, depending on the variety and other conditions.

What is the average yield of US soybeans?

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.92 tonnes/hectare. The figures for 2011 are slightly lower, at 43.0 bushels/acre or 2.89 tonnes/hectare. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the US average soybean yield for the period 2006 through 2011 was 42.22 bushels per acre.

How many bushels of rice grow in one acre?

Medieval rice farmers in Japan produced about 88 bushels of rice per acre. With today's farming methods as much as 241 bushels per acre are being reported.

How many bushels of tomatoes are grown per acre?


How many bushels of soybeans equal one metric ton weight?


How many bushels per acre for alfalfa?

Alfalfa is not typically measured in bushels like grains and oilseeds.

How many bushels of corn per acre average in Texas?

For the 2009 crop season, Texas' average corn yield was 108 bushels per acre.

How much corn does acre hold?

An acre can hold 2.1 bushels of corn per acre.

How many bushels of wheat to plant 1 acre?

A lot of guys will tell ya a bushel to a bushel and a half per acre but i like to put out 2 bushels to the acre for a good stand.

Why does an acre of corn yield more total protein than an acre of soybeans?

Based on US average yields and protein content, it doesn't. In 2009, US farmers averaged 44 bushels per acre yield for soybeans and 165 bushels per acre for corn. Multiplying those yields times the appropriate test weights for each crop, and then factoring in average protein contents of 8% for corn and 35% for soybeans gives a total of 735 pounds of protein per acre from corn, but 924 pounds per acre from soybeans. This assumes, of course, that the corn was harvested as a grain crop and not as silage or fodder. In that case, the sheer volume of harvested crop would account for the difference.

How many pounds of soybeans do you plant per acre?

70 lbs per acre

What is the US production of soybeans?

Total U.S. production of soybeans totaled 2.89 billion bushels in 2001, compared to 2.38 billion bushels in 1996.

How many bushels of corn per acre average in North Carolina?

The five-year average corn yield for North Carolina is 109 bushels per acre.

How many bushels of oats grow per acre?

US production of oats averages between 60 to 67 bushels per acre depending on the year and conditions.

How many bushels of garlic bulbs are in one acre?

a butt load

How many bushels of beans are in an acre?

It depends on what kind of beans, how well the farmer grew the crop, whether his farm is good for growing beans, the weather, etc. It will typically range somewhere between 20 bushels per acre and 160 bushels per acre.

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