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There are:

300 calories in 5 glazed munchkin holes

200 calories in 3 chocolate glazed munchkin holes

270 calories in 4 powdered munchkin holes

...all from Dunkin Donuts.

For more calorie count info, go to:

check out the dunkin donuts website for nutrition and calorie information:

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Q: How many calories are in Dunkin' Donuts munchkin holes?
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How many calories are in Dunkin Donuts munchkin holes?

One glazed munchkin hole has 50 calories300 calories in 5 glazed munchkin holes200 calories in 3 How_many_calories_are_in_Dunkin'_Donuts_munchkin_holesglazed munchkin holes270 calories in 4 powdered munchkin holes

How much for 25 munchkins at dunkin donut?

Do you mean how many calories are in them? I can't help you if you want to know how much you would have to pay for them, but there are; 300 calories in 5 glazed munchkin holes 200 calories in 3 chocolate glazed munchkin holes 270 calories in 4 powdered munchkin holes So 5*300 =1500 calories for 25 glazed munchkin holes 1670 cal for 25 chocolate glazed munchkin holes 1690 cal for 25 powdered munchkin holes For reference, an average female needs 2000 cal a day, a male 2500. hope this helps! If npt, just look at their website! they have nutritional values listed! 25 munchkins would cost about $5.29, the 50 count is only $6.99.

Does Dunkin' Donuts sell double glazed donuts?

Dunkn Donuts sells double glazed donuts. Dunkin Donuts also sells other flavors and varieties of donuts as well, such as maple glazed, donut holes, and etc.

How much do 200 dunkin' donut munchkin holes cost?

Al ot

How much does it cost for 75 donut holes at Dunkin' Donuts?

The cost of Munchkins or Dunkin Donut holes averages about $6 for 25. At that price, the cost of 75 Munchkins would be about $18 plus tax.

Is there a donut that is less than 100 calories?

There's a recipe on the related link for donuts that are 100 calories. or try just eating the donut hole instead of whole donuts. Donut holes are cheaper, and about 52 calories each.

How many calories are in a jelly hole donut?

None. Jelly donuts do not have holes, except for the one on the side where the jelly was injected.

When did people start putting holes in donuts?

Donuts did not have holes until the 1800s.

What happens to Krispy Kreme holes from the donuts?

They don't have holes

Why do donuts have holes in them?

It's the evolution of the donut, the first donuts don't have holes, but its pioneers realized that if they do put a hole in the donut, it would cook faster and more evenly...

Why donuts have holes?

Niel armstrong is dead

What actors and actresses appeared in Donuts and Donut Holes - 2009?

The cast of Donuts and Donut Holes - 2009 includes: Greg McDonald as Narrator Alyssa Taos Callahan as Dancer

How do you make homemade donuts?

You can make homemade donuts in a rolled container at a store, then open them, then you take a bottle cap and make holes, keep the holes so you can make donut holes, then fry them, after that get a bowl and put cinnamon and sugar in the bowl, and mix it, when you get done frying the donuts and donut holes them put them in the bowl and put cinnamon all around the donut. Enjoy the recipe!

What is a good slogan for a donut shop?

"We promise no holes in service, only in our donuts!" " We promise the best donuts a- ROUND!"

Why donuts have a hole?

Donuts were made with holes because the additional surface area allows it to cook through much faster.

Are there more donut holes or donuts in the world?

what a stupid question...

What food has holes in it?

Food's that have holes in them are- Donuts, bagels. And why the heck would you want to know any of this! And don't so stupid!

Do you call little donut balls "munchkins," "timbits," or "donut holes"?

You can call them whatever you’d like, as all three names are acceptable. However, if you’re trying to order them from a bakery, you might have better luck with one of these names, depending on where you’re at.First, a brief description of the treat so that we all know what we’re talking about: They’re small, fried balls of dough, identical in taste to a donut. They might be sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, sprinkles, or frosting, but they’re also available glazed or plain. The generic name for this baked good is “donut hole" (or “doughnut hole,” if you prefer), and the reason is fairly obvious: In the old days, bakers would literally cut the hole out of the center of circular donuts. Otherwise, the center of the donut would be undercooked. At some point, someone decided to start frying those little balls of dough, although we’re not sure who came up with the brilliant idea (we know that a woman named Elizabeth Gregory invented the modern donut and that her son takes credit for punching out the middle, but the actual inventor of the edible donut hole is lost to history).With that said, major bakery chains use different names to describe them, and that’s where the different terminology comes into play. Canada’s Tim Horton’s donut shops call them Timbits, a play on their name—they’re “bits" compared to Tim Horton’s normal-sized donuts, we suppose.Dunkin' Donuts, a bakery chain that’s incredibly popular on the East Coast, refers to them as “Munchkins” because they’re a smaller version of a donut (hence, they’re munchkin-sized donuts, or donuts for munchkin-sized people). Dunkin' Donuts holds a trademark on the name, so you won’t find your local bakery selling donut holes under that moniker. If you’re from the East Coast or any part of the world where Dunkin' is the go-to donut shop, you probably know them as Munchkins. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, Dunkin' Donuts USA, Inc. lists “doughnut holes" as the description of the treat in their trademark filing, so that might be the best evidence the donut-hole crew has on their side. So, when you’re ordering your breakfast, use whatever name you think is appropriate. If you’re going for the most generic name possible, “donut holes" is certainly the most descriptive choice.

What are some good prices to sell donuts?

1.29 dozen doughnut holes

How do they make donut holes?

The donut holes are made automatically when the circle is cut from the rolled dough: there is a large outer circle and a small inner circle on the cutter. The holes are either rolled back out or deep fried separately in a basket, as they cannot be "turned" to cook on both sides. Jelly donuts and other "filled" donuts are cut with a plain, large circle cutter, providing the inflated full round shapes. The reason for holes in donuts is that it keeps them thinner when they fry, and the donut is more evenly cooked throughout.

What happens to the hole of a donut that is poked out?

The hole is poked out of the donut before it is fried. So usually that bit of batter returns to the bowl and incorporated with the rest of the batter to make more donuts. In some cases the "holes" are fried up into little round ball-shaped donuts called "donut holes."

How many calories do you burn playing disc golf?

18 holes=920 calories for a 2 hour round.

Why do donuts have hole in the middle?

Not all donuts have holes in the middle. But for those that do, it is possible they have them so that they can be easier pulled from a pot or vat; one story by a claimant to their supposed inventor is that the middles were always raw, and he did not like that part, so he would punch them out with a piece of metal.

How many calories burn golfing 18 holes riding cart?

Not much

Why do some doughnnuts do not have holes?

Good question, some donuts don't have holes because the fill eg:jam,custurd,chocolate,vinilla,are mixed in to the dough so there's not actually a Pacific hole but in other cases they cut out holes from the inside to put in a filling. by,Puppylove2000