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How many calories are in Dunkin Donuts apple fritter?


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One apple fritter from Dunkin' Donuts has 300 calories in it.

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The short answer is... it depends. There is considerable variety based on brand, size of fritter, etc. Some examples might help, though. Starbucks Apple Fritter: An astonishing 790 Calories, including 37 g of fat Dunkin' Donuts Apple Fritter: "Only" 290 Calories, with 13 g of fat It seems that the "average" fritter is more in line with Dunkin' Donuts than with Starbucks. Having said that, if your fritter requires both hands to hold it because it's so big, or if it tastes *really* good... you might want to consider it closer to the Starbucks standard. ;o)

There are approximately 245 calories in a safeway apple fritter.

A small has 120 calories, medium 180, large 260. This is according to

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