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The website below has a basic metabolic rate calc.

It all depends on if you are male/female, how much you weigh, and how tall you are.

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It should be about 2500 calories anyway. Even office worker needs certain amout of energy to function correctly. However, every office worker should do at least 30 push ups per day.

They should eat 40% less then the G.D.A.

an average person burns 30% of calories per average day so.... not much running byking etc like an office worker so basicly a doctor would burn 30% or more of all calorie intake for that day

I'd recommend 2000, and to get some workouts done during the day.

There are 65 calories in an average sized orange.

3,500 calories on average.

An average muffin has about 70 calories

The average is about 180 calories

In the average churro their are 116.23 calories and 66.17 calories from fat.

one average prune has 20 calories. :)

about 300-400 calories on average

On average I read from 160-200 calories.

The average meal contains about 400-600 calories.

Worldwide the average amount of calories is 2,475 a day. In Russia the average amount of calories consumed daily is 3,280.

The average slice of bread contains 100 calories and the average dinner roll contains 200 calories.

The Average recommended intake of calories per day for a male is between 2000 and 2300 calories.

The average jelly has about 50 calories per tablespoon.

15 calories per Tablespoon, on average.

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