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There are about 1200 calories in a loaf of white bread.

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70 calories per slice estimated 40 slices.

roughly 2800 calories

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Q: How many calories in a one pound loaf of bread?
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How many calories in a loaf of Cuban bread?

There are about 694 calories in Cuban sandwich.

Italian bread how many calories in a loaf?

Usually a loaf contains 8 to 10 servings, and each servings is (on average) 150 to 200 calories. So that equals roughly 1,600 calories.

How many servings in a 2 lb loaf of bread?

The average loaf of bread weighs 1lb and 8 ounces. The average loaf of bread has 24 servings--1 ounce per serving. a two pound loaf of bread would have 32 servings.

How many slices are in a loaf of bread?

About 20...........Half of that is 10......

How many slices of bread are in a loaf of bunny bread?

buku sklices

How many calories in one bread stick?

According to the Olive Garden nutritional chart, 140 calories in 1 breadstick.

How many kilograms in a loaf of bread?

There are many types of bread that, in many different loaf sizes. So it is not possible to provide a single weight that applies to all loaves of bread.

How many milliliters in a loaf of bread?

Bread is solid, and not measured in milliliters.

How much weight is a loaf of bread?

In the UK the size of a 'loaf' of bread is regulated by law, a large loaf must be 800 grams, and a small loaf must be 400 grams, of course there are many more shapes and sizes on the UK market such as French sticks, bread rolls, buns, barm cakes, bread fingers etc. The difference being that none of these variations are call a 'loaf'.

How many Calories is 1 pound?

3500 calories in a pound

How many calories are in one serving of meat loaf?

Answered somewhere else, but here it is again, 300 calories for a serving of a regular meat loaf, 100 calories for a serving of low calorie meat loaf.

How much was bread in 1975?

The U.S. price for a loaf of bread in 1975 was as low as $0.14 (14 cents). However, this was not a typical market price. According to the USDA records, the average retail price was twice that much, 27 cents, for a 1 pound loaf. In the Northeast, for example, the price for a loaf of Sunbeam White Bread (regular 16 oz. loaf) was 29 cents. Interestingly there wasn't any "wheat" bread on the shelves of many stores in the area back then. (Major Bread Bakers, however, did market Wheat bread.)