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Average Ammont Of Calories For An 11 Year Old Girls Is 1845 Calories Per Day.

But If An 11 Year Old Wants To Loose Weight She Should Be Taking 500 Calories Per Day And You Should Start To See A Difference By 2 Weeks.

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for her weight, 1,378 calories a day will maintain her weight, anything less she will lose weight, and more would cause weight gain. 106 lbs x 10= 1,060 1,060 x 30%= 318 1,060 + 318 = 1,378 calories day hope this helps!

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about 1 thousand to 2 thousand calories a day

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Q: How many calories should an 11-year-old 104 pound 5' 2 girl eat per day to lose weight?
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How many calories should you burn to lose weight?

It takes 3500 calories to lose a pound

How many calories should a 5'4 tall 125 pound girl eat to maintain weight?

2,000 calories!!

How many calories in a pound weight?

3500 calories

How many calories a day does a 265 pound man have to comsume to loose 45 pounds?

You should consume seven calories per pound to lose weight, so 1655 calories per day.

How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight?

How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight? Like 1500 calories..

How many calorie make one pound?

If you calculate your BMR this will tell you how many calories your body needs a day to maintain its weight. If you then consume 500 extra calories a day for a full week you should gain around a pound in weight. So I would say the answer is 3500 calories.

How many calories equals one pound of weight?

There are about 3,500 calories in a pound. Burn 3,500 calories more than you take in = loose one pound. Take in 3,500 more calories than you burn = gain a pound.

If you burn 34 calories in a workout how does that equate to weight loss?

The standard is 3500 calories to 1 pound of weight.

How many calories should you decrease each day to lose a pound a week?

A pound of fat contains roughly 3500 calories, so provided your weight is currently stable, you should aim to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week. Adding in extra exercise will help too.

What is the Max weight gain from 1 pound of food?

The weight gain from food is not determined by the weight of the food, but by the number of calories in food. 3500 calories of food are equal to about one pound of weight (of the person, not the food).

How many calories in one pound of body weight?

that was irrelevant.. about 5000kcal in about one pound of FAT (not 'body weight')

At 6 feet how much calories to lose weight?

No matter what the height of the person desiring to lose weight, the number of calories to burn off 1 pound is the same. One pound equals about 3500 calories.