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It's not a concrete number. Different people have different needs and varying amounts of caloric intake. Your breakfast should typically be between 20-25% of your total day's caloric intake.


If you are a 45 year old women, 5'4" and weigh 140 pounds your BMR is 1200 calories. Your breakfast would be 240-300 calories.

Another approximate example:

A quarter to a third of your calories should be consumed at breakfast. This translates to:

400-533 calories for a sedentary woman over 50 on 1600 calories.

500-667 for a moderately active adult woman on 2000 calories.

625-833 for a moderately active 31-50 year old on man on 2400-2600 calories and as many as 800-1067 for a very physically active teenage boy on 3200 calories.

You may find it difficult to eat this number of calories first thing in the morning, but you should work up to it gradually. It will stop you snacking on less healthy things throughout the morning, and will actually help control weight, as well as make you feel better for the whole day.

With moderate activity your caloric intake would increase and therefore the breakfast would as well.

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Q: How many calories should you eat for breakfast?
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