How many calories will you burn with aikido?

There is no way to measure the exact calories which you would burn in an Aikido class. Aikido is designed for almost any person to practice its art. This means if you are an elderly person, you can still practice Aikido unless you have some kind of handicap. The reason that I mention this is because it is not mandatory that you be very athletic. Some classes you will practice "ukemi" which is nothing more than learning how to fall and conquering the fear of falling. Some classes will do a cardio workout before the class starts by doing pushups, situps, jumping jacks, etc which would burn more calories. The art of Aikido does not require you to use any strength therefore it is not physically demanding. It is said that if you can lift 16 pounds, you can practice Aikido. You do not fight strength with strength, you "go with the flow" and preform a technique. Therefore the technique themselves do not burn hardly any calories.