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my brother and i went on the Atkins diet over the summer and i lost about 40 pounds, im short, about 4 feet 11 inches and i used to weigh 130 and now i weigh about 90 on a good day. but my brother is 15 and he lost 60 pounds ( hes on the short side to, but not as much as me) Atkins says to have around 20 net carbs a day (carbohydrates - dietary fiber and sugar alcohols) and slowly ease in more carbs wen you lose a lot of weight. you should stay at 20 net carbs a day for at least two weeks, but don't overdo it. eat a lot of meat and veggies. stay away from fruit, bread, pasta (anything starchy or sugary) Atkins bars and foods are good and there are great Low carb products available. I recently discovered this great product Mini Carb apple cinnamon pancakes. their 1 net carb for half a cup of mix and i was able to get 6 pancakes out of it wen i added more water! good luck!

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Q: How many carbohydrates a day would you suggest to a 195 pound 14-year-old that wanted to lose about 30 or 40 pounds?
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