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Q: How many carbon atoms react with 14 molecules of oxygen to form 14 molecules of carbon dioxide with the equation C O2CO2?
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What is the Word equation for methane burning?

methane + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water 2 Methane molecules plus 4 Oxygen molecules gives 2 molecules of Carbon dioxide plus 4 Water molecules.

According to the equation C plus O2 how many carbon atoms react with 14 molecules of oxygen to form 14 molecules of carbon dioxide?


What are the chemical products for cellular respiration?

The full equation for cellular respiration is: sunlight glucose+6 molecules of oxygen--->6 molecules of carbon dioxide+6 molecules of water The glucose and oxygen are the raw materials and the carbon dioxide and water are the products.

Is carbon dioxide CO2 a molecule and is oxygen a molecule too?

They are both made out of molecules: Carbon dioxide = CO2-molecules, Oxygen = O2-molecules.

Which molecules are the products of aerobic respiration?

Carbon dioxide, water and energy are produced by aerobic respiration. The word equation for aerobic respiration is: Glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water + energy Energy and lactic acid are produced by anerobic respiration The word equation for anaerobic respiration is: Glucose --> energy + lactic acid

What is 6CO2?

CO2 is a chemist's way of writing carbon dioxide. The "6" means there are six molecules of carbon dioxide.In biology we often see 6CO2 on the left side of an equation for photosynthesis, where six carbon dioxide molecules combine with six molecules of water to form glucose and six molecules of oxygen. We also see 6CO2 on the right-hand side of an equation for aerobic respiration, in which a molecule of glucose reacts with six molecules of oxygen, forming six molecules each of carbon dioxide and water.

Carbon dioxide-oxygen chemical equation?

If you mean Carbon minus Oxygen then, no. It isn't an equation.

When carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide carbon dioxide the equation will be?

Carbon (C) + Oxygen (O2) = CO2

How many number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in three molecules of carbon dioxide?

there is no hydrogen in carbon dioxide. since carbon dioxide is CO2 there are 3 carbon and 6 oxygen atoms in three molecules.

What is the equation for cellular repiration?

glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + waterglucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + waterglucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water

What is the written word equation for the process that releases and stores carbon dioxide?

glucose+oxygen--->carbon dioxide+waterhydrocarbon+oxygen--> carbon dioxide+water

In the equation carbon plus oxygen carbon dioxide the reactants?

The reactants are Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O). The product is Carbon dioxide (CO2) The equation (balanced) is (C + O2 -----> CO2)