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30000 board certified

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How many cardiologists are in the US?

Around 23,000 Cardiologists across US.

How many interventional cardiologists are in the US?


What licenses are required for cardiologists?

In the US, a medical license is required.

What does a cardiologists do?

Cardiologists specialize in dealing with the disorders of the heart. @ a hospital

Do cardiologists perform surgery?

Yes cardiologists do perform surgery.

What body system do Cardiologists study?

Cardiologists specialize in the cardiovascular system.

What places do cardiologists work?

Cardiologists work in hospitals, private offices/clinics. Interventional cardiologists work in the cath lab, and clinics. Electrophysiologists work in the cath lab, hospitals, and clinics.

What is a pericardia cyst?

A pericardial cyst is an uncommon congenital anomaly. These are benign cysts that are treated by cardiologists and pediatric cardiologists.

Do the cardiologists do surgery on weekend?


What are facts about cardiologists?

a job of responsiblity

Who is working for heart surgeon?


What dieseases do cardiologists deal with?

heart diseases

What is a cardiologists starting salary?

Depends where they work.

Who makes 400000 per year?


Doctor that specializes in the treatment of hearts is?


Do cardiologists work together when performing surgery?

Cardiologists don't generally perform surgery. Cardiovascular surgeons work together to perform certain surgeries.

Which doctors get paid the most?

Cardiologists earn anywhere from $418,000 to over $537,000 annually. Cardiologists diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the heart and circulatory system.

Why should a child see a pediatric cardiologist instead of an adult cardiologist?

Pediatric cardiologists have a medical background in pediatrics and cardiology. Also, cardiologists tend to address heart disease while pediatric cardiologists are more familiar with congenital issues. See :

How much Malaysia cardiologists salary monthly?


Which doctor deals with the heart?

Cardiologists specialize in the heart.

Where can I find cardiologists in NYC?

If you primary care doctor has recommended you to a cardiologist I would ask him for a referral. You can also look online for cardiologists in the New York City Area.

What self knowledge and values does an interventional cardiologist have?

Cardiologists don't have any values. They cut out human heart's and devour them. Cardiologists are just fancy names for medical vampires, or, M.V.

Type of doctors?

There are many types of doctors. Some of the different type of doctors include chiropractors, surgeons, internists, cardiologists and neurologists.

How much do cardiologists make?

I dont know. Ask your mom

How much do cardiologists get paid yearly?

like 50,000$ i guess