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38 million, from 60 million citizens of whole UK.

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Q: How many cars are registered on the UK roads?
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How many cars on uk roads in 1955?


How many cars were on the road in 1960?


How many registered cars in the UK?

a study in 2001 showed 24,950,000pagal

How many motorcycles are registered in NY?

There are more than 655,000 licensed motorcyclists and more than 340,000 registered motorcycles on New York's roads. Gearedbike UK

How many vehicles on UK roads?

about 32 001 477 cars but not all vehicles

How many cars are registered in the UK?

I myself have been trying to find this statistic and have finally found it for all of you to see. There are 17 MILLION registered cars on the road here in the U.K. This is wrong - there were, accoding to the Daily Telegraph on 11 February 2011 - over 31 million registered cars, marginally down on the previous year, probably because of the scrappage sheme for old cars.

How many vehicles are in the UK?

There were 34.6 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain this year. 28.7 million were cars.

How many lorries are there in UK?

There are around 80 cars to every lorry on our roads in Britain...though you would never think so.

If European stickers on UK cars legal in the UK?

In the EU, cars must display stickers that indicate the country it is registered in if they are to be driven in another country. For example, a car registered in Britain must display a 'GB' sticker if it is to be driven in France.

When does tax become exempted on cars?

In the UK, if the vehicle was registered before 1973 it can be eligible for Historical exemption.

How many left hand drive cars are registered in the UK or where you could go to find out this information?

There is no easy way to find out that kind of information. While the DVLA holds details of every car registered in the UK - it is not required to indicate left or right-hand drive in the record.

How many blogs are registered in UK?