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Brokentail killed over 32 cats in shadowclan, thunderclan, possibly riverclan. Look up on YouTube, "Warriors:cats in starclan," You will see Much more cats that died.

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Q: How many cats did brokentail kill?
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Why did Brokentail apper when Poppyfrost's kits were born?

Brokentail appeared during Poppyfrost's kit's birth because he was a deceased cat from the Dark Forest visiting the living world. His presence symbolized the dangers and threats that the kits would face in the future, as Dark Forest cats are known to bring trouble and chaos.

Five cats kill five rats in five minutes then how many cats needed to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes?

If 5 Cats kill 5 Rats in 5 minutes that equals 1 rat killed each minute by each cat. So, in twice as many minutes the same ammount of cats will kill twice as many rats... 5 cats will kill 10 rats in 10 minutes. And if left for five times as long, which is 50 minutes, those same 5 cats will kill 50 rats. So obviously you will need twice as many cats to kill twice as many rats in the same time. So the answer is... You will need 10 cats to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes.

What are Brokenstar's names?

Kit: Brokenkit Warrior-Apprentice: Brokenpaw Warrior: Brokentail Deputy: Brokentail Leader: Brokenstar Rogue: Brokenstar Prisoner: Brokentail MAIN: Brokenstar

Does Brokentail have kits and a mate?

There is nothing mention in the series about Brokentail ever having a mate and kits, and here is a source if u don't believe me...

Did Brokentail killed his apprentices?

Yes, Brokentail did kill his apprentices in the "Warriors" book series by Erin Hunter. He is depicted as a ruthless leader who eliminates any threats to his power, even if they are his own followers.

Can cats kill rats?

Yes, cats can kill rats. Cats don't just kill only rats but they can also kill Mice.

How did the third book in the series of Fire star end?

Tigerclaw gets kicked out of thunderclan because he planned with brokentail to let brokentail's rogues attack camp. tigerclaw tried to kill bluestar,but she lives,brokentail dies,graystripe leaves thunderclan to be with his kits in riverclan bcuz siverstream dies giving birth to them.but he comes back in the 5th book.the new deputy of thunderclan is fireheart!

Does brook die from warriors?

He dies when frieheart is trying to make it to yellowfang. Yellowfang is the medicine cat. But medicine cats cannot have kits. So she gave up brokentail. Brokentail began to murder other clan cats, so yellowfang fed him death berries.

Is it legal to kill cats in Bakersfirld ca?

No, it is illegal to kill cats and dogs.

How can you train you ferrets not to kill your pet cats?

Ferrets do not kill cats, in fact cats are usually scared of ferrets.

Can cats die from cat poisening?

Yes, cat poisoning can kill cats, it was made to actually kill cats.

Can cats kill someone?

Big cats like lions and tigers can kill people. Domestic cats are too small to kill a human being.