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i know lots of cats who have had only one kitten. Don't worry if your cat has. one of my cats had just one kitten and she is as healthy as she can be.


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Two Adult Cats (one non-fixed male and one non-fixed female) make a kitten...

No, they grow up. Kittens become adult cats around one year of age.

Cats can have any number of kittens from one on up. Usually the max is 6.

Cats produce as little to one kitten to up to ten kittens a litter. It differs with each kind of cat.

Two sets: kitten and adult.

she has two cats one is brown colored kitty/kitten lala and one is black color katie.

Cats usually have on average four kittens in litter but some litters can have up to eight or more kittens or even only one kitten.

cats are formed by the two cats breeding to get a kitten.

ummm no! cats are cats dogs are dogs. cat+ cat = kitten. a cat ,may have a kitten tha looks like a puppy but its not.

A way to introduce a kitten to adult cats is to hold the kitten with the two of them infront of you so they can smell it and get used to it's scent.

Cats drag their kitten to protect them

cats and kitten originate from Egypt .

It is very unlikely. Most adult cats don't kill kittens. Adult cats are territorial and want their space. Otherwise, they usually avoid the kitten. Normally adult cats will hiss and growl at the kitten. Then pop the kitten with its paw. Then go away. Some adult cats will adopt the kitten. I have an adult female cat that adopts kittens as her own. She lets the kitten nurse, she cleans it and plays with it.

A margays litter is just a single kitten.

yes you can but you will have to make 2 tamed cats (ocelots) mate by giving them raw fish. but no you cant find a kitten you have to make one.

Never. Cats and kittens should never be fed cow's milk or cream. Many cats are lactose intolerant and can become sick - which is incredibly dangerous in a young kitten. If you wish to treat a kitten to some milk, buy some specially formulated kitten milk which can be found in most pet stores. These are completely safe to give to your kitten.

Actually he's not a kitten. On an interview i saw he said his character is between a kitten and a cat.

They do not eat kittens.

All cats have 8 teats. But the males are for no use at all.

Yes, the cat is considered a woman; if not a kitten. When a kitten, it would be considered a girl.

Yes, a female cat can breed with several different males and have a kitten from each one. The way cats are made is kind of like the fingers on your hand. One kitten per finger. It is just luck which one is going to be fertilized each time a cat mates.

some mother cats like to favor just one of there kittens. They are either moving, the kitten she is taking away is dead, or she is abandoning it because it is weaker. They are probably moving, though, because mother cats move the kittens one at a time.

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