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Cell phones sold world wide:

2004 - 674 million

2005 - 779 million

2007 - 1.1 billion

prescription of 2009 - 1 billion

workd wide, 3.3 billion cell phone subscription

Every year marking of 12% increase from the previouse year

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Q: How many cell phones are sold each year?
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How many cell phones were sold in the US each year?

27 million cell phones are sold each year

How many cell phones are sold in Afghanistan each year?

20,000 cell phones were sold!! :D

How many cell phones are sold annually worldwide?

It is not known how many cell phones are sold annually worldwide, but it is safe to assume it is in the millions or more.

How many cell phones are sold in a day?

the day that the iphone came out 17 million phones were sold.

How many cell phones are sold in Canada on average each year?

Over one million cell phones and smartphones are sold in Canada on an annual basis. These numbers fluctuate from year to year, and specific numbers aren't available.

How many headphones are sold each year?

about 2 million head phones are sold each year

How many cell phones were sold between 2010 and 2012?

8 billion

When was old Cell Phones Used?

Do you mean 'When were the first cell phones sold?' If so, the answer is in the mid 1980s.

How many cell phones were sold in 2010?

According to Gartner, for 2010, smartphones accounted for 297 million (19%) of the 1.6 billion mobile phones sold that year.

How many cell phones were sold in 2001?

Cell phones are still a relatively new item on the market. In the year 2001, an estimated 128,374,512 people became cell phone subscribers.

Where can one find unlocked cell phones for sale?

There are many places where unlocked cell phones are sold. Some places that sell these phones are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, NewEgg's website, and Overstock.

Who sells used Verizon phones?

There are many places to purchase used cell phones. Refurbished phones are sold direct from Verizon Wireless, eBay sells many used phones, and craigslist has many used phone listings.

What brands of cell phones are sold by T Mobile?

T Mobile carries many different brands of cell phones including Samsung, Android based droid phones, Blackberries (which our out of style) and other smartphones.

Who was first cellular phone carrier?

The first cell phones were not sold to the public, but were only used by the government. This was in 1974 and it wasn't until 1984 that cell phones were sold to the public.

How much mobile phones are sold each day?


How much did cell phones cost in 1992?

I worked for a company in Anaheim CA that sold cell phones somewhere around 1990 ....and I remember my first week I sold about five 3 WATT mobile phones which included car kit and installation.... from $1,850 to $2,400. I know you could buy car phones wih installations for as low as about $1,000 at that time (but not from this company) --- In the many months I only sold cell phones to CEO's, sales people for Black and Decker, and one architect and a couple guys who owned construction doctors, zero real estate agents, or anyone else. I used to get asked by police all the time why I had a pager and a cell phone. I think only 1% of people in the USA at that time had cell phones...around that time....the Motorola flip phone (which is huge compared to the cell phones today) came out and I think people were pre-ordering them for about $3,500 each.

How many cell phones are reported stolen a year?

26 million are stolen per year and sold again suposably, but there are many different ideas

How many phones were sold in 2000?


How many cell phones were sold in 2008?

Last year an estimated 1.2 billion cell phones were sold, according to University of Southern Queensland data reported by the GSMA and, of which handsets accounted for between 50 and 80 per cent. That equates to between 51,000 and 82,000 tonnes of chargers.

In what year was the cell phones invented?

The idea of cell phones dates from the 1920's and police radios, but the first cell was made by Bell labs in 1947. It wasn't until 1973 that Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola made a cell that could be used. From 1973-1984 it was sold only for government work. In 1984 the first public cell phones were sold. The phones of that time were large, heavy, and copied land line phones. They were carried in a zippered bag with a battery taking up the entire bottom.

Is there any cell phone with triangulation technology?

Yes. GSM phones (phones sold by T-Mobile and AT&T) use triangulation.

How many cell phone cases were sold last year?

The number of cell phone cases that were sold last year were between one million and five million. Phone users have the tendencies of making their phones appearing new.

What made it possible to develop cell phones?

The invention of radio. In the 1930's radios were put in police cars and there was a suggestion of phones. In 1947 the first cell phone was made, but it didn't work very well. Motorola came up with the first working cell phone by Dr. Martin Cooper in 1974. The first cell phones were sold to the government and in 1984 were finally sold to consumers.

What did cell phones look like in 1992?

Cell phones had only been sold since 1984 so in 1992 they were large, didn't have Internet , were not "smart" and were just phones. Often calls were dropped because the cell towers were not everywhere and using the phone was expensive.

Where can I buy a used cell phone online?

Buy refurbished and used cell phones at Replace Your Cell for a great price! At Replace Your Cell. we know that phones get lost, broken, and need replacing, that is why we offer used and refurbished cell phones at cheaper rates than leading cellular companies. All our cell phones are sold with no contract which means you can buy the cell phone you want without any commitment. Shop today and save up to 75% on popular cell phones.