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5 gallons is 0.67 cubic feet.

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How many gallons in 54 Cf?

54 cubic feet holds 404 gallons.

How many gallons of water in 999 cf?

999 cubic feet equates to 7,473.04 US gallons.

If you had a three foot by three foot by three foot cube how many gallons of water would you need to fill it?

That's 27 cf of water. And, at 7.48 gal/cf, that gives you... 201.96 gallons, or 202 gallons rounded...

How many gallons of water will it take to raise the water in my pool 1 inch the pool is 24ft in diameter?

282.6 gallons144 * 3.14 = 452.16 SF452.16 SF * 1' = 452.16 cubic feet of water / foot of depth452.16 CF / 12 = 37.68 CF of water / inch of depth37.68 CF * 7.5 gallons of water / CF282.68 gallons / inch of depth

How many gallons in 3 and a half cubic feet. cf?

3.5 cubic feet = about 26.18 US liquid gallons or 22.5 US dry gallons.

What is a closed angle glaucoma?

bv cf cf cf cf cf cf cfgrertrgsghsh

.1336 cubic feet mutiplied by 1500 gallons equals cubic feet?

You need 200.4 cubic feet to contain 1500 gallons, provided your .1336 cf/g is correct.

How much water in an area of 1200 square feet at a depth of 1 foot?

1200 sf x 1 ft = 1200 cubic feet x 7.48 gallons/cf = 8976 gallons.

How many 60 lb bags of concrete in a half yard?

1 CY = 27 CF. One half yard = 13.5 CF. 13.5 CF /.45 CF per 60 Lb. bag = 30 Bags

How many people in the world have cf?

9,000 people (and counting) have cf (full name Cystic Fibrosis) hope this answer helped :-)

How many gallons of water are needed to fill a 15'round pool 4 feet deep?

5289 gallons. pi r2 d = 3.14159 * 7.52 * 4 = 707 cubic feet cf * 123 * 2.543 = 707 *123 * 2.543 = 2.002 x 107 ml ml / 3785 = 2.002 x 107 / 3785 = 5289 gallons

What is the purpose of a CF memory card?

There are many purposes of a CF memory card. CF memory cards can be used for mass storage purposes. They are also used for camcorders and high definition cameras.

What is special about ough?

The letters ough have 10 different pronunciations."through" (cf. true)."thought" (cf. taut)."though" (cf. toe)."cough" (cf. coffin)."rough" (cf. ruffian)."bough" (cf. to bow)."thorough" (cf. about) [British English].

What is the chance of two parents that are carriers for the cf gene to have a child that is a carrier?

this is a trickey one to explaineither the child hasone non cf gene (from the mother) + one non cf gene (from the father) = a non carrier child (a child that doesnt carry the cf gene)ORone non cf gene (from the mother) + one cf gene (from the father) = a carrier child (a child that carry's the cf gene but doesnt have cf)ORone cf gene (from the mother) + one non cf gene (from the father) = a carrier child (a child that carry's the cf gene but doesnt have cf)ORone cf gene (from the mother) + one cf gene (from the father) = a cf child (a child that carry's both copies of the cf gene and does have cf)so to answer your question there is a 1 in 3 chance

What is the risk in each pregnancy of having a child with cystic fibrosis?

In the UK around 1 in every 25 caucasian people has the CF gene. It is less common in people from other ethnic groups. In order for the child to have cystic fibrosis both the mother and father must have the CF gene. For a couple who both have the gene, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the child will have CF (i.e. the child will have two copies of the CF gene in order to have CF), a 1 in 2 chance that the child will be a carrier of CF (i.e. have one copy of the CF gene but will have no symptoms at all of CF) and a 1 in 4 chance that the child will be CF-gene free. These odds will be the same for each pregnancy, regardless of the couple's children already born with/without CF. There are many 'mutations' of the CF gene that have been found, some more common than others. If you have CF in the family, or are worried about having a child with CF, it is possible to have screening to see if you have one of the more common forms of the CF gene.

Im pregnant and you have cystic fibrosis what are the chances of my child getting CF?

If the father is not a carrier of CF, it is not possible for the baby to have CF. If the father is a carrier of CF (only one gene), then there is a 50% chance for the baby to have CF (because you have two genes). If the father has CF, there is a 100% chance the baby will have CF. The father's chances of being a CF carrier depend to some extent on his ethnicity, but CF has been found in nearly every ethnic group; there are well over 1000 different mutations of the CF gene.

What is the chemical formula for CF?

CF is the chemical formula.

What if you are a carrier of CF is pregnant what are the chance of your child having CF?

In order for your child to have CF, both parents have to be carriers. If they are, the child has a 1 in 4 chance of having CF.

What are the chances of cystic fibrosis happening in another pregnancy?

By "another pregnancy", I assume that the parents have had one child with cystic fibrosis. As cystic fibrosis is recessive and neither parent suffers from it, they must both be carriers. That means the chances of the next baby having CF is 25%, or a one in four chance. Assuming both parents have one CF and one non-CF gene, the combinations work out: non-CF x non-CF (normal) non-CF x CF (carrier) CF x non-CF (carrier) CF x CF (cystic fibrosis sufferer) Therefore their chances of having a: normal child = 25% child who is a CF carrier = 50% child who suffers from CF = 25%

How many cf in 7 lb of co2?

The answer depends on the temperature and pressure.

When did Logroñés CF end?

Logroñés CF ended in 2008.

When was Logroñés CF created?

Logroñés CF was created in 2000.

When was CF Amposta created?

CF Amposta was created in 1915.

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