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Senate and House of Representatives.

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What is the name of the national legislature in the US?

The US national legislature is the United States Congress.

In what city does the US national legislature meet?

The national legislature, the US Congress, meets at the US capitol in Washington, DC.

What is true about India's legislature making it similar to the legislature of the US?

Legislation must pass through two chambers before it is law.

Do most states have a unicameral legislature?

No, most US states have a bicameral legislature, with two legislative bodies/chambers. A unicameral legislature has a single body/chamber. Nebraska switched to a unicameral legislature in 1934 and is the only US state to currently have a unicameral legislature.

What is the difference between the State Legislature and the US Congress?

The difference between the state legislature and the congerss is that the state legislature is state legislature while Congress is national legislature.

What is a name for a two house legislature?

A legislature having two houses (as in the US Congress and the British Parliament) is said to be "bicameral" (from the Latin for "two chambers"). A legislature having a single house is said to be "unicameral".

What is the National Legislature called?

(in the US) it is known as Congress. In other nations it is known by other names.

How many US senators are there-?

There are 100 US senators. The US congress is made up of two chambers.

How many chambers does the US Congress have?

2: The senate and the house of representatives.

How many national parks are there in the US?

There are 59 national parks in the US.

How many National Parks are in the US?

There are 58 national parks in the US.

How many national congressman does Connecticut have?

In the US Congress (not the state legislature) Connecticut has two senators (as does every state) and five Congressmen (Representatives are apportioned by population-- Connecticut is a small state.)

How many congressmen does Tennessee have?

It has 99 in the State Legislature and 9 in the US House.

How many representatives does Pennsylvania have?

It has 19 in the US House and 203 in the State Legislature.

How many congressmen in Alaska?

There are 40 in the State Legislature and a single US Representative.

Name of the Parliament of US?

The United States (U.S.) does not have a parliament, but rather a bicameral national legislature known as the United States Congress.

How many houses are in a state legislature?

It depends on the specific state's constitution. Many states have two houses in the legislature as in the US Congress (a state senate and a state house of representatives).

Who leads the legislature in the us?

The Senate and the House of Representatives lead the legislature.

Does the US have a unicameral legislature?

No, it has a bicameral legislature: the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

What was the political system of the Philippines during the American period?

The Philippine Assembly and the Philippine Commission (created by the US) created a bicameral legislature. Both chambers have to approve bills before a law is created.

How many laws have been passed each year by federal legislature of US in the last 10 years?

What laws from the Legislature have been passed and followed?

How does the US legislature differ from parliamentary legislatures?

The difference between a parliamentary legislature and the the US legislature is primarily the separation of powers. In a parliamentary legislature, the head of the executive (Prime Minister) is also a member of parliament, whereas in the US the President cannot be a member of Congress.

What is the US national assembly called?

Congress. It is a bicameral legislature. The upper house is called the Senate and the lower house is called the House of Representatives.

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