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How many championships has john cena won?


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2015-05-14 15:15:39
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john cena has won the wwe championship 4 times the wwe world heavyweight

championship 3 times and the world tag team 2 times(with HBK Shawn michaels)

Well actually no john cena know has 14 championships in all 4 time world heavyweight champion 2 time tag team (world) and 8 wwe championships.
he won 4 dam wwe championships as a passionate guy for wrestling
wwe championship 7 and world heavyweight championship 2
3-4 times
He is Currently a 12 Time World Champion But After Survivor Series If He Wins Then he Will be A 13 Time World Champion


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John cena won a total of 19 championships

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john cena has won 2 world heavyweight championships

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It is not known if John Cena has won any trophies but he has won many WWE Championships. John Cena made his wrestling debut in 1999.

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Yes, he has won 19 championships in total.

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