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Q: How many children did Dame Whina have?
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When was dame Whina Cooper born?

Whina Cooper date of birth - December 9, 1895

What is dame whina coopers mihi?

im not sure

Where does dame whina cooper live?

new zealand

Why is Dame Whina Cooper famous?

She was famous because she led a famous march

Who was the prominent maori leader who led a hikoi from northland to Parliament in1975?

Dame Whina Cooper.

What are facts about dame whina cooper?

Yes she is a new Zealand Maori leader and she is related to the Tate family why

Who led the 1975 march in New Zealand?

'Te Whaea O Te Motu', Dame Whina Cooper.

What age did whina cooper die?

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) _ Dame Whina Cooper, a symbol of the modern Maori campaign for social justice and land rights, died Saturday at her home in Panguru. She was 98 years old.

When did Dame Whina Cooper lead the march from Hokianga to Parliament?

"My Big Nanny, Dame Whina Cooper led thousands of Maori people from the North Island of New Zealand all the way to Wellington Parliament, fighting for the rights for Maori land. The actual dates my Mum told me, when she walk with my Big Nanny was around early September 1975. I hope that answers your question."

What is Whina coopers iwi?

whina coopers iwi is muriwhenua

How many children does dame judy dench have?


What is the birth name of Whina Cooper?

Whina Cooper's birth name is Whina Josephine Te Wake.